Octa-Core Intel’s Skulltrail Platform With Quad SLI support

30 December 2007 By Shashank


Intel’s upcoming gaming platform skulltrail is a dream for every gamer. The Motherboard pictured above has a server grade hardware optimized and reconfigured for gaming. It has support for dual Penryn Xeon processors, Four PCI Express x16 slots and two standard PCI slots it also sports SIX internal SATA ports, dual eSATA ports, six USB ports,Firewire and Gigabit Ethernet. This is one hell of a gaming rig.

As the Skulltrail mobo has support for dual 45nm quad-core processors which means a total of 8 cores also the mobo is outfitted with a pair of NVIDIA-built chips, it would support SLI as well .

If you are thinking about the cost of skulltrail based PC then here are the approximate data:

Two quad core proccessors(2 x Q9650) alone will set you back by $2000+ add to this the cost of SLI based graphics cards, four RAM modules, the approx. cost of whole PC should be in between $7000-$12,000.

No information is available about actual pricing and release date.

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