Intel’s upcoming gaming platform skulltrail is a dream for every gamer. The Motherboard pictured above has a server grade hardware optimized and reconfigured for gaming. It has support for dual Penryn Xeon processors, Four PCI Express x16 slots and two standard PCI slots it also sports SIX internal SATA ports, dual eSATA ports, six USB ports,Firewire and Gigabit Ethernet. This is one hell of a gaming rig. Continue Reading →

Street fighter4

After so many years Capcom is all set to release the latest Street Fighter 4 but when nobody knows about that, as there is no information about the release date and on which consoles it will be available for. Then there are the folks at who actually got a chance to play Street fighter 4 …wow, they have made available exclusive screenshots and impressions of the SF4, they have also given a detailed first impression report about the game and is worth reading . Continue Reading →

Business whether online or offline are heavily dependent on its precious data and records which are in constant danger because of evils like threat,viruses,spams increasing day by day.Now companies like MX Logic which is a security service provider with expertise in email Anti-spam and fully managed web security services has come to rescue the businesses with enterprise-grade service and performance, without enterprise-level complexity and cost.

Currently MX Logic is providing the following services: Continue Reading →

Japanese people have developed a real time 3D rendering technology which can convert your face into real 3D avatars with variety of styles in real time.

Youtube video of real time 3D rendering :


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Sony has introduced a new Cybershot the S730 to its Cybershot range of digital cameras. The latest addition  features a 7.2 Megapixel sensor,2.4 inches LCD screen and 3X optical zoom. The Cyber-shot S730 lets you grab clear, blur-free pictures without the aid of flash if you’re shooting in low light or on cloudy days. Selecting ‘High Sensitivity’ mode on the easy-to-adjust mode dial boosts sensitivity to ISO 1250. This allows shooting at faster shutter speeds to reduce the risk of camera shake, even with moving subjects.

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Researchers of Sakhrat Khizroev’s lab at the University of California are working on Nanolasers so small that one day they could be employed in making upto 10 Terabit hard disk drives. With the continous minituarization magnetic storage technology is quickly reaching its limit and further increase in storage capacities can only be possible with nanotechnology coming to rescue in some form or the other.

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Israeli scientists made it possible by inscribing the entire Hebrew text of Jewish Bible on a tiny pinhead chip which is less than half the size of grain of sugar. The Nanotechnology scientists at the Technion institute of Haifa said that the book was etched on a surface that measures less than .01 square inch.

It was written using a device called Focused Ion Beam (Fib).

“When we send the particle beam toward a point on the surface, the gold atoms bounce off of this point, thus exposing the silicon layer underneath,” Ohad Zohar, one of the project’s managers at Technion, said.

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Microsoft has released a near final version of its much awaited Windows XP Service Pack 3 for a public download. Release candidate for XP Service Pack 3 is available at Microsoft website and is a 336 MB download. Now Microsoft wants the public to try the Release Candidate before the final version becomes available in first half of 2008. Previously the software is available for download to Microsoft test program participants only.

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Google's Knol

Google’s is working on a Wikipedia rival Knol (stands for unit of knowledge) which aims to aggregate the enormous amount of information available on world wide web. Google Knol which is currently “by invitation only ” can be used by people to post what they expert in with their photo on a clean looking page. Google’s Knol is different from Wikipedia in a manner that only the original author can edit or update the entries unlike wikipedia where anonymous users can also edit others entries however in Knol others will be able to rank and review entries posted by other members.

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Codemasters has revealed its upcoming PC/Console games titles for 2008. With this Codemasters updated its portfolio by announcing the software game titles which you will definitely enjoy in 2008. “We hand-picked the most talented U.S. developers and made significant enhancements to Codemasters Studios and its proprietary middleware, the EGO Engine,” explained CEO Rob Cousens.

So below is the list of upcoming 2008 game titles by Codemasters:

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