Re-Invented Protocols Enables Hundreds Of Terabits/Sec Data Transfer Via Optical Fibres

20 November 2007 By Shashank

In a recent development by the Japanese researchers they have made it possible to transfer hundreds of terabits of data per second through standard fibre optic cables. This breakthrough in data speed is the result of tweaking of the existing data transfer protocols and using the Quadrature Amplitude Modulation(QAM) technique to pipe data. Just imagine the data transfer speeds, you will be able to download full torrent games and movies in a matter of few seconds.

What the Japanese researchers did was they solved the stability problem associated with the special laser that makes it feasible to pipe data through a glass fibre using the QAM method which has resulted in blistering speeds.

This will change our internet lives but for the timebeing don’t expect these Terabits speeds from you ISP you know it takes time 😉


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