Download OperaMini 4 Advanced Mobile Web Browser- Review

13 November 2007 By Shashank

Opera Mini 4 free Mobile Web Browser

Opera has released their final installment of the free Opera Mini 4 mobile web browser that aims to take the mobile web surfing to the next level. The final version is released after three betas and the entire code of Opera Mini 4 is completely rewritten to make browsing experience better and comfortable. Opera Mini 4 is based on the same rendering engine as the Opera 9.5 desktop browser.

What’s new in the Opera Mini 4 :

  • PC synchronization with Mobile web browser
  • Overview mode for easy surfing
  • Text size changes dynamically to fit the width of your phone
  • Mouse cursor for easy navigation
  • Scrolling shortcuts:

2 – Page up
8 – Page down
4 – Go to the left one column
6 – Go to the right one column
5 – Zoom in and out

  • Toggle page view in different modes

By pressing the * and # shortcut keys, you could switch the page view to landscape mode

OM4 is light, easy to use and quickly gaining popularity. OM4 enables you to take your full Web experience and digital lifestyle with you — everywhere you go. Whether you want to access your mail, RSS feeds or bank information, Opera Mini is fast, safe and secure. Opera Mini 4 delivers several new features for quicker scrolling, navigation and page rendering. Opera Mini 4 is free, so download it now!

OM4 for Nokia mobile users Go to above page and select your handset and download the jad or jar file for installing via data cable.

Other users select their phone model from this list for installing via data cable through PC.

You can also download OperaMini 4 by visiting using your phone and following the on screen instructions. Below is the screenshot of the welcome page after installing Opera Mini 4 on my e61i smartphone

welcome screen om4

When i compared the loading times of Nokia inbuilt web browser and the Opera Mini 4 i found that the Nokia browser is much more faster than OM4 . Also when i tried opening up it takes forever to connect and couldn’t load the webpage while at the same time and same connection settings Nokia inbuilt web browser was quick to open the site.

Below are some screenshots first one is Nokia’s browser , second one is Opera Mini 4 and the last one is in OM 4, strange that Google wasn’t able to detect that the page was requested from Opera mobile version and instead of rendering a mobile Google version it shows the actual page as it appears on the desktop browser.

If you open from Nokia’s inbuilt web browser it opens up a google mobile version which is optimised for mobile surfing and saves data costs.

nokiae61i_web browseropera mini4 could not in opera mini 4

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I tried it also and in my Nokia 6600, the sites opened faster than the default Nokia browser so i like it. And in my case the default Nokia browser was unable to open sites like gmail, orkut etc

Shashank says:

Is the Nokia inbuilt browser for 6600 and e61i same or diff?

For some sites Opera Mini does it job perfectly so now i use both 🙂

noel mwendamberi says:

why data shuld be entered on a diffent page and pages cannot be saved hey its expensive to remain hooked on the internet one shuld download and save

ady says:

bug bug bug on W950i

Mustapha Baffa says:

i just joined twitter and facebook,so i want to use my phone because i dont hav the internet at home-i have to pay for it and i’m just a student.if it works,it will begreate

nathan says:

Can any one help me to get operamini 4 since im unable to install the operamini4.2.. plz anyone helpme..cont through mail:

Galih Indra says:

boooooz!!!!! pengen donload opera mini 4 telkomsel kq muter aja ga nemu” gimana????

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