Water Running Robot In The Making

1 October 2007 By Shashank

Water robot
If all goes well with the NanoRobotics team working on a water robot at Carnegie Mellon University we would soon see a robot with amazing capabilities of running on water just like the Basilisk Lizard .The robot in development uses the same principle of water thrashing like the one used by Basilisk(Jesus Lizard). So whats special about this robot; well the underlying capabilities of an amphibious robot makes it a irresistible research . A prototype has been developed which is showing positive results and looks promising.

It looks like an interesting research being made as the researchers have to create a water running robot which will be much heavier than the Basilisk and to provide enough thrust to make the robot propel itself which is not easy as it sounds .If you are interested in seeing Basilisk in action below is the youtube video : YouTube Preview Image

More information and Videos of Water Robot available at Nanolab Water Runner project website

Found via GadgetVenue

Water Robot Full Research Paper

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Bush Mackel says:

Man, I really wish I could make robots. I always said that if I could, I’d make something like from Megaman or something. *nod*

Kushal Dey says:

Sir i want to make a robot that looks like RoboSapien V2 could pose a security threat to the home .

Can u give me the drawings and other neccasary things that will help to make .

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