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4 October 2007 By Shashank


Have you ever got a feeling that your current desktop is space is not enough for you and your productivity will increase if you could have more desktop space then worry not, 360desktop has come up with an innovative software program that extends your desktop space to multiple times of your current desktop space and all you have to do is scrolling the available desktop workspace with easy controls given in the software.

What is 360desktop?

360desktop extends your Windows® desktop as a user generated, photo-panoramic space and delivers a personalized web, free of the browser, into a virtually unlimited desktop.

Think it this way you have got a 360 degree wallpaper at your desktop and you will be able to access and use each part of that 360 degree wallpaper as a desktop just by scrolling thus giving you a lots of workspace.You will get a better picture by watching 360 desktop video in action below.
Currently the program is open for signup and is under beta stage. I have already signed up let’s see when i get the details i will keep you updated.Thanks Matthew for letting us know such a interesting and useful program.

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ReviewSaurus says:

Nice find shashank!
Thanksa lot you guys are helping me in finding more and more content…I can write about 🙂

Shashank says:

You are always welcome dude 😎

This utility is ultra cool . Will give it a try right now .

ram says:

This looks interesting, i too signedup for it. 😀


Very cool program! Thanks for the tips! I really like your blog and your friends also. You guys all know each other??? I just noticed that as I was browsing the tech blogs, I keep seeing Madhur, Shashank, Thilak, Ram, and a few more showing up all the time!

Post some comments on my blog too guys at I need some fellow Indian support! 😉

Take care

mymytri says:

Wow.Interesting..I always keep shorcuts on my desktop itself to find programs easily.Now it is almost filled up with icons.Great help

Jeff Wang says:

I like your program.
When is the first beta release to the market?
I have been waiting for this software for 6 months.
Please keep us posted.

Marco M says:

Es espectacular la aplicación, solo le faltan mas fotos

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