Crysis Demo Released: Download Now

30 October 2007 By Shashank

crysis demo

The much awaited demo of EA’s Crysis is out now and you can play it on your DirectX 9.0c compatible card on XP as well as on Vista. Also PCWorld has reported that it is running quite good in XP systems with all high settings so now you can enjoy the game to its fullest in XP based systems also, they have even said that there’s a little performance boost in frames/sec while the game is running on XP .

So here are a few links that will help you in getting started:

Crysis official home page

Crysis: Hands on preview

Crysis demo download ( 1.77 GB in size )

Minimum System requirements for Crysis

Direct Crysis download location:

The crysis game is based on CryEngine2 which is scalable thus low end machines also stand a chance. The full game is set for a Nov 16 release .

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