The New Bio-Battery Technology From Sony is Sweet

4 September 2007 By Shashank

Biobattery demonstration

Sony has announced its latest Bio technology development in which electricity is generated from Sugar(carbohydrates) which utilizes enzymes as catalyst and uses the same principles found in living organisms for power generation.The new Bio-Battery technology provides the world’s highest passive power output of 50mW.As you can see in the image the 4 prototype Bio battery units are connected to a mp3 player, these bio battery sugar powered cubes could provide sufficient enough  power to your music player or you can even run a small propeller fan out of this.

In order to realize the world’s highest power output, Sony has developed a system of breaking down sugar to generate electricity that involves efficiently immobilizing enzymes and the mediator (electronic conduction materials) while retaining the activity of the enzymes at the anode. Sony also developed a new cathode structure which efficiently supplies oxygen to the electrode while ensuring that the appropriate water content is maintained. Optimizing the electrolyte for these two technologies has enabled these power output levels to be reached.

Via Sony press release link below

The working video and mechanism of Bio Battery is available at sony’s website The video link given above also shows a little propeller fan being run with the help of these Eco batteries using Sports Drink.

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Nirmal says:

The world is completely researching on Bio products, bio diesel also is in good progress. Not sure when they are going to come to India. 😀

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