Wow Toshiba SD Memory cards upto 32 GigaBytes

24 August 2007 By Shashank

toshibe 8gb sdcard
This is hell 32 GB in a single SD card ,Toshiba has announced new SDHC memory cards which provides storage capacity of massive 32 GB which is more than enough for our mobile needs and I don’t think such a huge capacity SD card would be compatible with the available mobile handsets and other portable devices because maximum supported memory is generally 2 GB and 4 GB in medium level handsets.More after the jump.

Toshiba is releasing the 16 GB microHDSC card next month which will be available at the price tag of around $350 and 700$ for 32 GB version.The 32 Gb version will be become available in 2008 .Not only this these are the high speed “Class 4” SD cards which are version 2.0 complaint and provides blazing speeds of upto 6 mb/second.

Just think of it as a portable hard drive in your cellphone swap it and use it with a card reader you don’t even need to compress songs now . But as the prices are astronomical for now lets wait till it gets down for the mainstream market.

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Nirmal says:

Even though its a great feature to have 32GB memory card, will the gadget support such a high card?

Shashank says:

Gadget compatibility will definitely become issue with these high storage cards…the portables have to redesigned if we want to use these cards…but its definitely the future 😉


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Thank you

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