Wanna have GSM and CDMA both in a single handset

3 August 2007 By Shashank

samsung dual mode handset
Are you the one who keeps two handsets one for CDMA and the other for GSM based network. Now the Mobile companies(Spice and Samsung) has come up with a solution for your problem ,now you can have two SIM cards in a single handset.You can either use both CDMA Sim cards or both GSM Sim cards or use one CDMA and one GSM in a single handset unit.

This option in mobile will save users from the trouble of opening the back case of mobile phones each time they want to use another SIM .

Spice and Samsung has announced new Dual mode handsets in the market which will help you operate two Sim card in one mobile phone with GSM and CDMA technologies.

Spice Mobile has released two models D-88 and D-80
D-88 supports both CDMA and GSM connections on the other hand D-80 have support two active GSM connections and switching from one connection to another is a breeze you just have press some buttons and the great thing is both GSM and CDMA can be active at a same time ,the caller will hearΒ  busy beeps and you can switch anytime by holding the other call.

Price of Spice Dual mobiles is set at Rs 9,849

The other side has Samsung who has teamed up with Tata Indicom to present the dual mode CDMA and GSM handset which also features 1.3 Mp camera with 10X digital zoom and video recording too. Besides these features it also has a Mp3 player and support for external 1GB of memory ,It even has ABCD keyboard for input and handwriting recognition software installed .

The Samsung Duo slider handset is priced at Rs 11,999 without connection.

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Sounds like interesting thought but not for me πŸ™‚

Nirmal says:

This is interesting stuff, I read in paper yesterday. But no idea about the performance.

Subbu says:

Sounds very interesting. Good for me. I need to carry two handsets now. πŸ™

BS says:

Very good, I need to get 2.


πŸ™„ its realy ultimate for me & my huby


πŸ™‚ ya my wife is always ryt as she said above is absolutely ryt. I LOVE HER

softy says:

Nice post. Very useful information. Any other company have the same kind of handset?

Anu mehra says:

I Love my husband. i bought spice. dual d88 wid bluetooth

Anu mehra says:

All mobiles r gud.


Very disappointed , out of the 250 models in the market only 2 are there in dual mode. Whereas these days very few people use single phone, most of them have two.Abive 2 models are also useless because Spice has the hanging problem and Samsung you can use only one card at a time, so practically it can’t be called a dual phone. Thanks

In the search of a duo mob.with both GSM & CDMA Facility

amit says:

somebody plz. suggest which handset to go for dual usuage

Mayank says:

hi, I am looking for a mobile where i can use both GSM & CDMA cards at a time. SPICE mobiles are not so interesting

How abt NOKIA ? Dont they hv any??

Nammi says:

I am looking for a mobile which should not have memory or Camera but should have GSM & CDMA please help

jf says:

I am looking for a phone that supports CDMA and GSM…without camera and music

sachin says:

i am looking for dual sim CDMA & GSM phone with more phonebook memory

manju n says:


manju n says:

hai am looking for dual sim CDMA & GSM phone with more phonebook memory

jagdish k says:

i wnat dual sim mobile (gsm cdma) like all facilities and latest model like nokia c series

sharaj says:

I really want this Dual Sim Mobile CDMA & GSM. I need this in Bangladesh..

Vinod Kumar says:

Please mention with SUpplier Name in Chandigarh more cheap than above (CDMA+GSM) I want urgent

shamim akela says:

I am looking for a CDMA&GSM in one mobile in low price
sent me the spice and smsung mobile those are like thise

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