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Thinking of getting a new handset for yourself, hold your purchases and wait for a while as Nokia is all set to release its top quality and stunning new handsets ,you can’t get better than these they have got everything .. Read on

Nokia is all set to release Four new stunning mobile phones by the end of this year.The upcoming new additions to Nokia belt will be :

X2 ultra PMP DMB

This X2 All In One PMP(Portable Media Player) is the best i have ever seen in terms of features and functionality.It has a 4.3 inch touchscreen with 480 x 272 pixels. It has support for both audio and video playback with integrated GPS functionality. It also has DMB(Digital Media Broadcast) streaming television.Now thats everything and probably more that you might expect with a PMP. Continue Reading →

toshibe 8gb sdcard
This is hell 32 GB in a single SD card ,Toshiba has announced new SDHC memory cards which provides storage capacity of massive 32 GB which is more than enough for our mobile needs and I don’t think such a huge capacity SD card would be compatible with the available mobile handsets and other portable devices because maximum supported memory is generally 2 GB and 4 GB in medium level handsets.More after the jump. Continue Reading →

Satellite navigation phone

RIM (Research In Motion) will be soon going to launch their sleek and stylish updated version of BlackBerry Curve 8300 which integrates GPS Satellite Navigation technology which is powered by Telmap satnav technology.But the sad thing is this GPS SatNav smartphone is only available for the Vodafone customers in UK as per the exclusive deal of RIM with Vodafone which runs till 31 October 2007 . Continue Reading →

do not call
Sify has developed a new technology for call Centre operations in India which is in compliance with the DNC (Do Not Call) registry which will block the call centre operators from disturbingĀ  you.The only requirement is that you must have registered yourself with the NDNC (National Do Not call) registry with any of the regulatory body. India which has a consumer subscriber base of more than 200 millions users and is growing manifolds rapidly this technology would work wonders for the end users. Continue Reading →

How about a High Definition video playing in your browser window ,this could be possible soon as Adobe has announced it latest version web software Flash Player 9 which is codenamed as Moviestar.The best thing is Moviestar incorporates H.264 standard video support which is the same used in Blu-ray and HD-DVD media.Thus the quality of the streaming video will be drastically improved as compared to the previous versions of Flash player 9.
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US Researchers have invented a new technology which involves biometric scan of your fingers to authorize the payments.This system can be used for cashless,cardless payment systems. This system recognizes and stores the unique vein pattern of person’s finger skin which is then used forĀ  the identification purposes.This will make shopping much easier and credit card fraud and theft would be minimal in this case.Online merchant account holders and other online users already has paypal and other systems like Virtual credit card which will prevent the users do safely transaction without revealing the actually credit card details for offline users this system is really a safest system till date. Continue Reading →

IBM India software lab in collaboration with CDAC(Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) has developed a speech recognition engine for India’s Mother language Hindi.The new Hindi speech recognition technology would provide a better human computer interface for the Indian users.

The latest technology would help transcribe continuous Hindi instantly into the text form and can be easily integrated in variety of applications such as voice-enabled ATMs, car navigation systems, banking, telecom, railways and airlines, said IBM India Research Laboratory Director, Daniel Dias. Continue Reading →

fujitsu storage technology

In a recent development in the hard drive storage technology FujitsuĀ  outshines other HDD makers with a major leap in the development of smaller and high capacity Hard drives.Fujitsu has revealed that with the help of new nanohole technology using PMR(Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) the new hard drives can store a massive terabyte of data on square inch of recording surface thus the technology would provide low power,compact HDD’s along with massive storage capacities. Continue Reading →

bar surround system
Thinking of owning a surround sound home theater system but don’t want all those many speaker boxes lying here and there in your home then this Polk Audio’s SurroundBar50 is definitely been designed for you . The SoundBar features patented SDA(Stereo Dimensional Array) technology to simulate real surround sound like experience from single speaker.
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