How to shift Platform from Blogger to WordPress

29 July 2007 By Shashank

Note: This is the fourth and final part of the Series Shifting to WordPress
If you haven’t read the previous parts then they are below :

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Now you have got three things:

  • Your own Hosting
  • Your own Domain
  • WordPress installation package

If you have buyed the domain and hosting from the same company the Nameservers must be already assigned and you have saved yourself some time ,If however you buy Domain and Hosting from different companies which is considered the best practice among the most webmasters because all your eggs aren’t in the same basket…even i ve domain and hosting on different companies.So now you have to change the Nameservers at your domain control panel to the Nameservers given in the welcome mail of your hosting company .

They would look like this,
By changing the Nameservers you are telling the 13 parent root servers on the internet to resolve your domain and to direct it towards your hosting company .

Now domain propagation needs time so it will take some time to to locate your hosting ,this is called DNS propagation usually it takes 24-72 hour time frame but i have noticed that nowadays DNS propagation took less time than before, now DNS get easily propagated in less than 24 hours..

The Next Step

Now whatever you put in the public_html folder in the space provided to you will reflect at only thing to take care is that it must be in proper format if you are making a html website then index.html is the default which will open when someone go to for eg. is similar to in the case of wordpress it is index.php.

So till the DNS propagate you can still have access to your index.html via

its a temporary address given to you by your hosting company in your welcome mail.

So lets install WordPress now :

WordPress installation is easy ,just unzip the installation package you will get a wordpress folder copy all the files and folder and paste to your public_html folder via ftp .Also its better to create and database before you upload all your files to public_html directory , edit your wp-config-sample file present in the wordpress folder with your database details and rename it to wp-config.php then upload the all files present in the wordpress folder to the public_html folder in this way you will have your blog at if however you want you blog at then make a folder named as blog inside your public_html directory and paste the content of WordPress folder in that .

Actually the People at WordPress has given the best detailed installation instruction for installing WordPress so there is no point me repeating the same you can look it here at Installing wordpress official site …everything is explained beautifully ..

One more good news for all if you are facing trouble installing WordPress and aren’t sure if you could do it then fellas at WordPress can do it free for you, go here at Installing WordPress for free

Actually installation of WP is too easy just try it and you will do it ..

So you got your WordPress installed and the DNS has propagated and you can open now you have to import all your hardword the articles you wrote at blogger or at any other platform..the importer is named as a magic button because it does magic you just have to press it and in a matter of seconds all your posts are at and you are proud member of WordPress community.

How to import from Blogger to WordPress ?

blogger to wordpress

In your wordpress installation go to Manage>Import tab>select platform above
Authorize wordpress and login with your blogger id you will be presented with the screen below

How to shift Platform from Blogger to WordPress

Now hit the MAGIC Import button thats it all your posts are just shifted from Blogger to WordPress .

Now change the Post Slug of your famous posts so there isn’t a complete traffic drain for you, there are also methods available which let you change the permalinks of all the posts to be the same as Blogger permalinks you can find the details here and latest update for WP v2.2.1 here
in which you have to play with WP code and modify the .htaccess files give it a try if you are good in programming and loves to take some risk ❗ .If the series has helped you do let me know in comments or Via Contact button

Thanks for reading the series and Happy Blogging
Its Really addictive take care.. 😀

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Nirmal says:

Nice one. BTW why not change the adsense and Kontera link color to the link color of your posts? This will earn you more money.

Shashank says:

Changes made . …Thanks for the tip

WordPress Theme Advice says:

As I advocate, this is one of the best move to get out of blogs hosted on 3rd party sites like blogger or blogspot. What’s even better is to get it on wordpress.

Good article for those who really take blogging seriously.

Shashank says:

@WordPress Theme Advice
You said it right “Best Move”
its only if you blog seriously use wordpress and later get addicted to me 😀

Vaibhav says:

I agree with Nirmal. Even that was reflected on my blog when i did the same…

Shyam says:

I admit I am not a huge wordpress fan, the only thing that makes wp so favoured with pro bloggers are the plugins. But apart from the plugins (and a peripheral sense of freedom) there isn’t much benifit.

If someone is hell bent on a own domain name could rather host it in blogger!

In the 2 weeks of my web logging career (of which 7 days we were shutdown by spam bots) I’ve found there isn’t any plug-in that you can’t create for blogger platform !

The only reason why people prefer wp is because everything is readymade and served on a platter or a magic button.

Iam working on a quite few alpha widgets for blogger to change the notion that there are more tool in WP.

PS- 700 Rupees for 2 GB bandwidth at ewebguru ? what a ripoff !

Shashank says:

That was nice thing to do ,it will surely effect earnings in long run.
Wow you had a great experience of 2 weeks….people like you are needed to make blogger a better platform ..Hatoff to you..and good luck for your alpha widgets…
i didn’t get your last point though what do you want to say with that…
and did you read the whole series…i ve been blogging on blogger since 5 months…so in this series i ve written my experience what i feel when i shifted to wordpress….and i am not compelling you to shift platfrom …gain experience …then you will see yourself…there is much more in WordPress than you can think…Also there is always a danger when google may kick you out of their blogger platform…it has happened to people…
feel free to comment…

Shyam says:

Well I am not a WP hater but I would definitely would like blogger who advocate its superiority, to also inform the noob bloggers that WP is not utopia so that the new blooger can make an informed choice.

ur hosting at ewebguru ? their hosting charges are unreal !

My first widget is almost ready shud be out in a cpl of dayz.

Dj Flush says:

Shashank that was a very nice guide. I think new bloggers will find it very useful who want to shift from blogger to wordpress.

I don’t know but I don’t like Blogger at all. WordPress is far more superior 😛

A very well laid out article and I am sure will save a lot of headache for some.


Wow you have 3 articles on this topic, hats off to you for putting this together.


Shashank says:

One thing first have you tried WordPress..??
When i was at blogger i also loved it and has little bit hard feeling for WP as you have now…then i decided to implement my own style in blogger and i was able to make a good looking blog at blogger but it was still missing a lot of things which i got to know when i shifted to WP ….

There are thousands of successful bloggers at blogger too…if you are developing custom widgets ..then it will be great for your blog and other bloggers at blogger…..Blogger will improve over time…but not until Google wants it to change…a lot of things in the backend needs to be done..

Actually i ve upgraded to a bigger plan ..ya i admit that there charges are unreal but i ve buyed hosting from them when they had very competetive prices..

Thanks very much for your kind words
Wordpress is a great platform to start blogging with…wordpress has a powerful backend..and lots of support..that makes it a truly irresistible platform..

Glad you find the series useful
actually there are a total of four articles in this series 😀

Yeah i’ve tried,

My point is Instead of compelling noobs to join wordpress (most of the reader might confuse with wordpress hosted at your site which is not the same) a better scenario can be given.

2) Nowadays most hosting companies have fanstastico in their cpanel which will install WordPress in just 2 clicks !

My comment box widget for blogger is ready anyone wanna alhpa test in their browser ?

Shashank says:

For that i ve been using the term “WordPress with your own hosting ” there is no point that they will confuse with free which is is nowhere near self hosted wordpress blog.

Great on dude. hope this well help out very novice out there.!

Idetrorce says:

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

ravi says:

nice tut……
I was just searching few tips to begin with WP. Thanks mate, I find it useful for my new blog.

saurav says:

I have been using wordpress since last few months to my new vide site,, and i really found this post to useful enough to make essential ammendments to my blog. Thanx

sandrar says:

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

Yuvan says:

Every web hosting company had a support but the support is not works till the end of the issues and it ends with the awkward behaviour of the support but’s support is very patient they will guidance at each step.

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