HD DVD shows off internet dependent features ?

1 July 2007 By Shashank
HD DVD has shows off its first internet enabled disc which is a Japanese animated film titled “Freedom” which will let the users watch the trailer of another movie, download additional subtitles for the movie and the users will also be able to change the menu styles . That is not all, the new internet enabled features will show off in a soon to release on HD DVD, action movie 300 which will let the user to re-edit the movie as per the requirement and taste and upload them to the Warner Bros server from where other targeted visitors can download and watch the new movie form of 300 .

The HD DVD version of 300 will be available at the end of july ,Another movie Blood Diamond to due of release on july 3 rd will let the users participate in online polls about the movie.

The war of high definition media is still going strong with Toshiba’s new price cut of its HD DVD players,The entry level HD-A2 players have controlled the 70% market share which are now available at $299 after the price cut compare it with Sony’s BDP-S300 which has a price of $US499 after the price cut .HD DVD has already won the Price war isn’t it .

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