Next Gen Image Sensor Technology by Kodak

14 June 2007 By Shashank
Kodak has developed a new Image Sensor technology that will make your photoshooting experience a lot better ,with this new technology the blurry images will be a thing of the past and the more crispy photographs will make their way in into your digital imaging world.The new technology by Kodak promises better photographic experience with low blurs thanks to faster shutter speeds .The new sensors have very high sensitivity to light and its way of capturing images is slightly different from the presently available image sensors in the cameras and mobile phones.

“This represents a new generation of image sensor technology and addresses one of the great challenges facing our industry – how to capture crisp, clear digital images in a poorly lit environment,” said Chris McNiffe, General Manager of Kodak’s Image Sensor Solutions group.
In this design, half of the pixels on the sensor are used to collect green light, with the remaining pixels split evenly between sensitivity to red and blue light. After exposure, software reconstructs a full color signal for each pixel in the final image.
It will take a while for this technology to come into the mainstream market and lets hope it to make the price of the cameras and mobile phones cheap rather than to increase them further.

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