Breakthrough Printing Technology capable of printing 1000 pages/minute

3 June 2007 By Shashank

This Israeli printing technology has crossed the bottleneck of the printing limits, it can go upto printing 1000 pages and that too in a minute of time, this technology is a huge breakthrough in the printing technology market segment. The new technology uses a special technology called the Jetrix which removes the limitation of the rate at which the ink can be transferred from the ink source to the printing page.The technology is also expandable and supports large papers also.

The new technological innovation was a result of hardwork of two researchers from The College of Judea and Samaria – Moshe and Nissim Einat – who developed a revolutionary printing technique called Jetrix, which enables simultaneous high- speed printing of an entire page of text. The technology combines printing and Liquid Crystal Technology (LCD) methods to make a page-sized printing array that emits ink instead of light. Currently the print head works only in black and white but Einat is confident that it can be adapted for color printing too. With no direct connection between the different segments the matrix size can be increased without limit creating a print head as large as the paper.

The development has cost around $140,000 funded by Israel’s Industry and Trade Ministry. A new market of POD(printing on demand ) will emerge out of the use of this technology .. imagine ordering a book and doing a payment while your book is prepared and got printed .


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awesome printing technology, but will it ever see the day of light, its 2012 now and no new news about this.

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