BBC iPlayer On Demand TV Viewing experience

30 June 2007 By Shashank

BBC is all set to launch its iPlayer a On Demand television viewing program that will let the users download their favorite programs and watch them when they want to .But it has got limitation the downloaded programs will only be available for only thirty days once you started watching. After the set time period of 30 days the programs will delete themselves, the iPlayer will use the Microsoft’s DRM (Digital rights management) technology to make sure their programs not get written to DVD’s and rendered unviewable after 30 days.

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The BBC iPlayer beta is going to launch on july 27 and will only be available to the windows PC’s and plans are there to make it available for all other platforms sooner. BBC also said that the services provided by the iPlayer are based on new technologies that will not slow down the internet.The BBC iPlayer is designed such that its interface is easily accessible to the beginners of the internet also .BBC is also planning to launch the service to the cable later this year followed by other TV platforms.

This is truly a great initiative by BBC as it will let the users watch the shows On Demand and the best part is the service is free.



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