Another Google’s buyout : Google acquires Greenborder technologies

29 May 2007 By Shashank
Google has acquired the Web based security software maker Greenborder Technologies , the company provides web based software to protect the users from malware and untrusted content from running on the user computer.The security software sets up temporary, virtual sessions each time a computer users surfs the Web, then discards the resulting data once the user is finished surfing.The software provides protection again keystroke loggers, malicious code hidden inside e-mail, instant messages or Web sites.

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Google aquiring Greenborder may mean another free security software download for the users currently Greenborder charges $30 per year like most antivirus softwares,The software is no longer available for download on Greenborder website as a part of the deal but the company will provide support to all its present customers till their present subscription .The sum of the deal has not yet disclosed.

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Nirmal T V says:

Google seems to be on an acquiring spree. 😀
Btw have you disabled anonymous comments?

saurav says:

I would surely like to purchase this new release greenborder, $30 is not a big amount for such a useful software. Now a days security threat has been a major issue, hence at this high time if we can have a software which can grant us full security then its worth having that software @ $30.

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