Google has acquired the Web based security software maker Greenborder Technologies , the company provides web based software to protect the users from malware and untrusted content from running on the user computer.The security software sets up temporary, virtual sessions each time a computer users surfs the Web, then discards the resulting data once the user is finished surfing.The software provides protection again keystroke loggers, malicious code hidden inside e-mail, instant messages or Web sites.

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Google aquiring Greenborder may mean another free security software download for the users currently Greenborder charges $30 per year like most antivirus softwares,The software is no longer available for download on Greenborder website as a part of the deal but the company will provide support to all its present customers till their present subscription .The sum of the deal has not yet disclosed.

The time has come for yet another thrilling ride on the race tracks
and mind blowing music to accompany you as always, EA has
finally revealed the teaser trailor for its upcoming new fully loaded
Need for Speed racing game titled as Need for speed PRO STREET,
Expect more details by the end of this month i.e on 31st on May 2007.
You can download or watch the high definition trailor on EA’s NFS Carbon
website. Teaser and details below…

YouTube Preview Image

EA website for downloading the latest teaser of NFS :Pro Street Also don’t forget to subscribe to our feeds if you want to enjoy more such irresistible updates.

Update 1:
Release date of NFS Pro Street is 31 Oct in North America and its releasing all over Europe and India on November 1 2007.Need for Speed ProStreet will be available for platforms Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3, and Wii as well as the PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and PC .

Update 2:

Here is another thrilling new NFS trailer i know you want more YouTube Preview Image

Update 3:

Release date has been postponed to 14 Nov . The good thing is that the soundtrack to EA’s NFS Pro Street has been revealed,Below is the list of soundtracks with details of Artists: song name.

Airbourne: Blackjack
Avenged Sevenfold: Almost Easy
Bloc Party: Prayer (Does It Offend You, Yeah? Remix)
Chromeo: Fancy Footwork (Guns ‘N Bombs Remix)
Clutch: Power Player
CSS: Odio Odio Odio Sorry C
Datarock: I Used To Dance With My Daddy (Karma Harvest Mix)
Digitalism: Pogo
Dude ‘N Nem: Watch My Feet
DÚNÉ: A Blast Beat
Foreign Islands: We Know You Know It
Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket: More (Junk O Flamenco Remix)
Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket: More (Junk O Rock Remix)
Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket: More (Junk O Punk Remix)
Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket: More
Klaxons: Atlantis To Interzone

MSTRKRFT: Neon Knights
Neon Plastix: On Fire
Peaches: Boys Wanna Be Her (Tommie Sunshine’s Brooklyn Fire Retouch)
Plan B: More Is Enough feat. Epic Man
Plan B: No Good (Chase & Status and Benni G Remix)
Smallwhitelight: Spite
The Faint: Dropkick The Punks
The Horrors: Draw Japan
The Rapture: The Sound

The Toxic Avenger: Escape (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
TV On The Radio: Wolf Like Me
UNKLE: Restless feat. Josh Homme
We Are Wolves: Fight And Kiss
Wiley: Bow E3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Kiss Kiss
Year Long Disaster: Leda Atomica
you can hear the samples at http://www.ea.com/eatrax/.

Update 4

NFS ProStreet demo released

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Sparkle revealed the Calibre P860 graphic card which is powered by the new 8600 GT graphics processing unit (GPU) to deliver unmatched performance for playing games. The new DirectX 10 Based Graphics card features the Nvidia’s next generation technology of G84 architecture which dynamically allocates processing power to geometry, vertex, physics, or pixel shading operations, delivering up to 2x the gaming performance of prior generation GPUs.

The new Graphics card aims to deliver high quality ,never before graphics with superior performance and that too at a low price.The P860 graphics card comes with a sub card to show real time GPU temperature and real time PCB temperature on a 3 bit digital tube display.Overall the Calibre P8960 graphics card is a ultimate weapon for die hard gaming fans, it will also add Sparkle to the HD video experience among the Movie/Video lovers.

Notable Features:

-Nvidia’s GeForce 8600 GT
-It comes with 512MB of GDDR3 memory
-A sub card to show temperature
-Supports Nvidia’s PureVideo HD technology
-Also Supports DirectX 10 shader model 4.0
-HDTV with resolution upto 1920 x 1080i
-Shader clock 1386 MHz
-Dual DVI-I


The all beautiful Moto RAZR 2 video is here have a look ,so what’s special about the new Motorola RAZR 2 its a touchscreen yes obviously but it employs “haptics” technology which makes prodding easier so that you can play your music files without doubt whether you pressed a button or not. It also boast’s of having dual screens which is icing on the cake. The self explanatory video by T3 is showing the Moto RAZR 2 features and its cool looks.Video below …

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Technology is moving in a very rapid way with new and amazing technological innovations being developed daily. Now its time for the high capacity Micro SD cards from the Samsung, Samsung electronics today announced that they have developed a whooping 8 GB MicroSD(secure digital) card for the mobile devices . which is the highest capacity for the mobile devices available today. Now its time to think what we can have in this small fingernail sized card …well it can hold upto 2,000 Mp3 music songs, 4,000 digital photos and approximately 5 DVD quality movies.
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That was according to the press release but according to me a lot more can be stored in that tiny card, A normal compressed movie for mobiles is avaible for around 60-100 MB filesize…so now you can have the rough idea of how many movies you can store in your mobile…thats just portability moving to the next level.Also the MicroSD cards are a quarter of the ordinary SD cards and are backward compatble using a extender.Also this is the record breaking achievement in the field of MMC’s.

Now Features:

Read speed of 16 Megabytes (MBs) per second
Write speed of 6MB/s
It has Surpassed speed Class 4 SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) standard
which requires data write speed of 4MB/s

via press release
No info about the pricing yet.


LG.Philips has developed a flexible LCD colour display which is of the size of A4 paper, is amazingly 300 micrometres(0.3 millimetres) thin and is being said to be a next generation display technology.The epaper sports bendable viewing experience like a real paper and can display upto 4096 colours .The interesting part is that it can be viewed from a full 180 angles that is it is having a viewing angle of 180 degrees which is great for others to peek into.

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It uses TFT on a metal foil and plastic substrate instead of glass substrate which makes the epaper flexible and durable and at the same time to possess excellent display quality.

Summing up:

-14.1-inch electronic paper
-300 micrometres thin
-4,096 colours
-Full 180 degrees wide viewing angles
-Energy efficient
-Display is clear even when the epaper is bent

These displays require power only when the image changes hence are power savvy too.

AMD has finally revealed its much awaited AMD Phenom processor family today in public demonstration. Its a good news for all the AMD Pc enthusiasts all around the world as they can now have the power of AMD’s technology for ultimate visual experience especially when paired with AMD’s new DirectX 10 ATI Radeon HD 200 series of Graphic cards which will began shipping today.

In the demonstration AMD showcased the Phenom family series of processors codenamed “FASN8” to be pronounced as Fascinate.AMD previewed the silicon based next generation eight core platform,which includes two quad core AMD Phenom processors with the all new DX10 ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT with the AMD’s next generation upcoming high performance chipset to be released in second half of 2007.

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Advanced Features of the New Phenom family :

-Cores communicate on the die rather than through a front side bus external to the processor
integrated DDR2 memory controller
-Improved HyperTransport™ technology
-128-bit Floating Point Units
-Unique shared L3 cache for quicker data access

Who will benefit :

The gamers have a reason to delight as it will be providing some never before graphics,Graphic animators will be able to use their computing resources in a much better way. AMD’s open platform approach makes the Phenom processors compatible with most of the solutions available today including motherboard and chipset partners ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI and NVIDIA.

AMD Phenom processors are designed for the exceptional performance and capabilities customers want, employing state-of-the-art platforms and a next-generation processor architecture.

Now the Pc users can also enjoy the thrilling Xbox 360 title Lost Planet
Extreme Condition which is now coming for the PC gamers is the
first DirectX 10 game to
hit the market.It is going to be released on 26th June
but the demo will be made available as soon as 15th May oh this
is too close so fellas tighten your belts for this action packed Shooter
game to chill your spines in the Extreme Conditions , you will play
Wayne Holden who will fight with the enemies in the cold winds .
Here is the old trailor from youtube if you have missed it .

YouTube Preview Image

No Info about pricing yet.
Again release date of Lost Planet : 26 JuneUpdate:
Lost Planet extreme condition demo has
been released on Both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10

platforms it can be downloaded from below:

Lost Planet Demo Download

EOL Encyclopedia of life has been a major step taken in categorising nearly 2 million plants and animals.The online catalog of species will have details of nearly every living form present on planet earth ,The scientists from all over the world are excited of this development. Now this will become the central place for all scientists to submit their research about different species and will be a great help for the scientists in the devepoping countries.This amazing project is going to cost $50 million and is a result of collaboration of six major scientific organisations and support from two charitable foundation.

Scientists said it is possible only now because of advances in Internet and online technology, high resolution digital photography, and the ability to quickly read the genetic codes of species, which has made life much more easier to document and catalog things.

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So what is Encyclopedia of life(EOL) basically?

According to the EOL website

“Encyclopedia will serve as an online reference source and database for every one of the 1.8 million species that are named and known on this planet, as well as all those later discovered and described. Encyclopedia of Life will be used as both a teaching and a learning tool, helping scientists, educators, students, and the community at large gain a better understanding of this planet and all who inhabit it.”

As this project is aiming big it will require a lot of time by the researchers all over the world to fully document and catalog the nearly 2 million species on EOL.

General public starting of EOL will start in 2008.

You can view the demonstration pages at EOL demonstration


This time Epoq has come up with a cool wrist watch with a small form factor and sporting video playing capabilities ,it even supports Mp4 and can equip you with 6 hours of video playback ,It uses the advanced OLED(organic light emitting diode) which saves great power in video display as compared to TFT screens.This irresistible watch also plays mp3 , has super bass mode with FM radio,it even has a ebook and lyrics viewer..anything else you need .

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Features :

-2GB flash video watch.
-1.5 inches 128×128 pixels OLED display
-Supports Mp3,WMA and SMV
-3-d sound effect with Super Bass
-Voice Recording
-2 GB flash storage
-weighting 66 g

With Epoq players you have to use the bundled software comes with the wrist watch to compress your video songs to Mp4 to make it work with your Video watch player.

Price of this wrist watch is around 169 $


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