Pagerank update in the pipeline check yours with these tools

29 April 2007 By Shashank


Have you checked your Google Pagerank ,the time has come the much awaited Google Pagerank update is here ,if you want to check the Pagerank of your website then i am going to list a few but best services for checking Pageranks, by this time the datacenters are updating the Pagerank so it could be possible that some of the datacenters showing previous Pageranks, don’t worry they will update themselves soon.If you want to check your Pagerank before it comes out of the pipeline lets go inside the pipeline and see ..i m mentioning here the tools from which i have checked Pagerank of (will show Pagerank)

These are the best Pagerank tools around IMO and also provide other services for webmasters ,the iwebtools future pagerank prediction is going crazy these days its keeps on showing zero pagerank for many blogs so i recommend do not waste time on iwebtools. If you know some more great tools then drop in your comments .

This blog too is getting a boost in Pagerank from 0 to 5 in just three months ..You know hardwork pays ,all the quality technology articles i wrote have started paying off.
Time to put in more .

All the datacenters have finally updated themselves so now you can check your final pagerank
at any website.This site is also a great tool for checking pagerank .



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Joan Doe says:

When a PR update happens, it doesn’t happen all at once – Google has many ‘datacenters’, and your new PR will ‘percolate’ between those datacentres over the next few days to a week.

shashank says:

It seems like all the datacenters have updated themselves i have got a Pr 5 .

Web Design Ireland says:

i agree, many webmasters love the idea of having the TBPR but this causes confusion as it can show you different results then what your PR really is, i hope google get rid of TBPR but i would say they wouldent as its a great marketing tool for google

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