Say Goodbye to passwords, new security technology by Vidoop

17 April 2007 By Shashank

A revolutionary security technology is displayed at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco by Vidoop a Oklahoma based software company. Vidoop Secure™ promises to change the face of Internet security with a new secure login solution that eliminates passwords, adding a layer of security that is more secure yet intuitive for users to understand, without requiring additional hardware.

Vidoop Secure which is currently in beta and is available by invitation only is a unique technology that provides unsurpassed security for web based services and is effective against prevalent forms of hacking .The latest technology offers consumers the convenience of a single sign-on solution for frequently visited websites, combined with a new level of security that gives users the ability to participate in securing their online experience.(Click on Read more to expand)

How Vidoop secure service works:

The security solution is based on the cognitive human element which will defeat automated hacking . The Vidoop secure security technology requires the user to select a combination from various images of various categories which involves a secret asked at the time of enrollment process.The user spots the secret categories known only to him and notices a series of digits that act as the one-time access code. Since other observers do not know the user’s categories, they do not know which of the displayed access codes to use as the key. Only the user can interpret the one-time access code from the display.



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