VOIP telephony Developments and Options available today.

15 March 2007 By Shashank

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ere is VOIP heading to,options available to make free calls and –
send Free sms around the world .

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Whats inside the Article:

  • VOIP explained.
  • FRING(a new service) Reviewed.
  • Devicescape Reviewed.
  • Skype and Gizmocall(text msg service).Latest news regarding VOIP.

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VOIP(Voice over internet protocol) is the hottest happening
in business houses and homes.The convergence of broadband
connection and the telephony services has many advantages
than the previous traditional telephone systems and at the
same time proves to be much cheaper than the orthodox telephony.

What is voip and what are its advantages?

VOIP is the voice over internet protocol as the name suggest
it is the technology which which equips ones internet broad-
band connection to send and recieve the voice calls and data.
With the falling broadband prices VOIP holds a lot for future.

It may even replace the existing telephone services as the
business houses has started acknowledging the price advantage,
even the normal home user if uses VOIP based telephony is
able to cut the cost around 40% than the normal telephony.

so you can imagine how much can the business save in co-
mmunications costs if they make a swith to VOIP based s-
ervices.Also one can make calls from any location where
the internet connection is present.

How it works:
It utilizes the Router,broadband connection and the VOIP gateway.
whenthe user makes a call the analog signals are broken into the
digital signals which are then transfered via Broadband connection
then at the recieving end it again encounters with the VOIP gateway
where they are reconverted into the original form,after that PSTN
(public switched telephone network),which forwards the call to the
no. the user has dialled.

So you want to Use the VOIP services below is what you need.

The two recent release of the VOIP based services are:
*Fring for mobiles it comes in the category of mVOIP(mobile VOIP) .
Other services include Skype and Gizmocall.

= = = = = = = = = =

Make free calls with FRING ?

Fring uses your mobile internet connection to make peer-to-peer
VoIP calls, send instant messages and talk with VoIP applications
such as Skype,Google Talk and MSN Messenger at no extra cost
because they utilize GPRS, 3G and Wi-Fi mobile internet connections.

Fring is the first VoIP application certified by Symbian for S60
devices Already being used in more than 140 countries within
just three months.


  • Totally free.
  • Free calling to other Fringsters.
  • Compatible with most VOIP providers like Skype.
  • You can use it with your data plan and doesn’t need yr PC or WiFi.
  • Calls with Fring consume neither voice nor data air time.

= = = = = = = = = =

DEVICESCAPE: Connect anywhere.

Devicescape has come with their patent pending technology which
enables the devices VoIP phones, web tablets, PDA’s, media players
and portable game systems to connect automatically to hotspot and
municipal Wi-Fi networks.You have to only setup once with Devices-
cape website.Joining Devicescape is free.


Impossible tasks like using a VoIP or Skype phone at a hotspot
arenow possible. Additionally, with Devicescape, mobile devices
thatdon’t have a browser, like MP3 players and digital cameras, will
be able to connect too.

Difficult tasks like using a stylus to enter your user name and pa-
ssword to connect your PDA are now easy.
Time consuming tasks like connecting your laptop to a hotspot are
now automatic.
Use of Devicescape services are presently free.

Make free calls from Your PDA or Windows mobile edition phone using

You need Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone that supports Wi-Fi,then you
can download and install VoIP applications like Skype or Gizmo that
enable you to make free (or very inexpensive) phone calls.
Now you only need is Devicescape once installed you can make call to
anywhere provided you have the access to WiFi hotspot.

Go to Devicescape
= = = = = = = =

Other popular VOIP based softwares are SKYPE AND GIZMOCALL..by
this time every one must have heard about them…in my previous
post i ve reviewed the Gizmocall’s free call making capabilities.
GIZMOCALL has also introduced its free text messeging software..
which let you send free text messeges around the globe without
registration or setup needed.

Go to GizmoSMS

Skype has released its latest version:
Skype™ 3.1 for Windows, introducing SkypeFind and Skype Prime
(Beta), giving people new ways to share knowledge with one anot-
her.Skype is now also emerging out of the simple voice based se-
vices to provind users other value added services.

Microsoft has also comes up with their VoIP software
currently in beta phase.
According to microsoft:
“This software release is a major step in terms of voice and call
management,” he said. “And within three years, there will be a
hundred million or more people able to make phone calls from Out-
look, SharePoint and other Microsoft Office System applications.”

For this Microsoft is planning to purchase Tellme Networks which
provides a VoiceXML-based voice-recognition platform for voice
powered directory assistance for third parties, and it also has
its own mobile search services.

So you can now see how serious is the VOIP is even the bigger pla-
yers are entering into the VOIP based services..
So be happy because in the days to come the communication
services will be damn cheap …

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