Vodafone plans to enter mVOIP market with STARFISH.

18 March 2007 By Shashank

Vodafone is showcasing a application named as STARFISH at the ongoing CEBIT 2007 EXPO in Germany. Starfish will let you see your buddies from Yahoo,AIM, MSN, AOL and Skype and send and recieve messages and make Internet calls and vice-versa (pc users can also make call on mobile devices) Vodafone said they will be releasing this application in future.

So it is basically a SKYPE type application for mobiles.

Starfish uses two switching systems :The circuit-switched technology used in Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks and packet-switched voice-over-IP technology.It also uses GPRS(General
Packet Radio Service technology) for chatting with buddies over yahoo,MSN,AIM and all.

Via computerworld

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