Viacom sues Youtube (google) for a whooping $1 Billion.

13 March 2007 By Shashank

Viacom sues Youtube (google) for a whooping $1 Billion

MTV network owners sued Youtube for the whooping $1 billion in damages for copyright infringement.
Vaicom says it as a massive intentional copyright infringement .

This claim has now further complicated the dispute between google and Viacom.
Viacom has previously complained that Youtube users are uploading and viewing the video clips from the Viacom shows without permission .

Last month Youtube removed around 100,000 clips regarding the same dispute of copyright violations.
Viacom the owner of the Paramount studios and Nickelodeon claims that
around 160,000 unauthorized clips and videos from the Viacom has been
viewed around 1.5 billion times on Youtube.

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