Convergence at its best : Projector integration in mobiles lined up

30 March 2007 By Shashank


Convergence at its best ,A prototype of a DLP Pico-projector which is the size of the human finger tip has been announced by Texas Instruments(TI).The new and latest technological innovation holds a lot for mobile users as the technology promises to make better and wide viewing experience for the mobile users .DLP Pico- projectors can be used as an integrated component in the mobile devices or as a standaone devices ,which will equip us with the power of viewing movies and enjoying wide screen experience without the use of expensive T.V’s .
So what is DLP technology.

Digital Light Processing (DLP) generates images by reflecting light off the surface of a digital micromirror device (DMD) containing hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors, then through a color wheel and a lens and onto the screen. Key benefits of DLP projectors include: smoother images with no “screen door” effect; crisp and clear presentation of fast motion video; vibrant colors created by its BrilliantColor technology.

“Over the next few years, we envision a large opportunity for the convergence of projection technology and mobile devices, like cell phones,” said Frank J. Moizio business development manager, TI DLP Front Projection.

Now mobile manufacturers can take advantage of TI DLP pico-projection technology as a new and enhanced display option in their devices. As the OMAP wireless application platform has helped revolutionize processing of media content on mobile devices , DLP pico-projection technology will advance the viewing experience of mobile devices providing significant improvements in productivity and entertainment experiences.

If you want to know more about DLP technology visit

First we used to have mobiles as a communication devices then comes SMS, MMS, MUSIC, CAMERA, UMPC now Projector for mobiles lining up . Now Guess what’s NEXT….


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Digital light processing, its the most advanced technique pertaining to a projector. Even pico-projection technology is also valuable in this regard. Thanx for this valuable info.

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