Adobe presents Apollo alpha for a free download.

20 March 2007 By Shashank

Adobe has released its much awaited Adobe Apollo
Alpha version for a free download.

What is Apollo?

Apollo is basically a cross-operating system runtime
developed by adobe which enables the developers to
enhance their existing web development skills like
Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax and with its
help designers will be able to make rich internet
applications(RIA) easily and beautifully.

According to Adobe:

Apollo enables developers to create applications
that combine the benefits of web applications –
network and user connectivity,rich media content,
ease of development, and broad reach.

With the strengths of desktop applications – application
interactions, local resource access, personal settings, p-
owerful functionality , and rich interactive experiences.

The alpha version of the Apollo runtime provides
developers with the opportunity to begin building
applications for Apollo. Future releases will
provide more stability, more desktop integration,
and enhanced support for Ajax developers.

This is just a basic review of what Apollo is
You can find a lot more information at the Adobe website.


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