chair for book lovers

If you are type of person who loves to read a lot of books and has a lot of lying in your room and are lazy enough to get to the book then this Bibliochaise sounds to be a great idea , its a specially designed chair for people who are in love with books.The colours of the wood and and the cushion are configurable and you can choose the best that match your taste of the living room with cushion has six different colours to choose from.The Home model measures 40,16 x 33,46 x 28,94 inches, and has 16,40 feet of space to store your books near you .

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After Solar phone here comes the Philips Xenium NRG Mobile phone which has the option of utilizing the AAA batteries .Now you don’t have to fear about discharged cellphone just buy AAA batteries and you are done for extra three hours of talk time .

Apart from using the AAA batttery One more great features of this Philips Xenium is that it can also be charged via rechargable AAA batteries and when we charge the cellphone with main power it will charge both the phone’s battery and the reachargable AAA battery.

The Xenium is developed by Philips in collaboration with premium
battery maker Energizer and Techtiom Ltd.Also the Philips Xenium
is based on the same Techtium technology that was used to develop
Energi To Go, a portable backup phone charger that
Energizer introduced last year.

No information about Release date or price available till now.

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Convergence at its best ,A prototype of a DLP Pico-projector which is the size of the human finger tip has been announced by Texas Instruments(TI).The new and latest technological innovation holds a lot for mobile users as the technology promises to make better and wide viewing experience for the mobile users .DLP Pico- projectors can be used as an integrated component in the mobile devices or as a standaone devices ,which will equip us with the power of viewing movies and enjoying wide screen experience without the use of expensive T.V’s .
So what is DLP technology.

Digital Light Processing (DLP) generates images by reflecting light off the surface of a digital micromirror device (DMD) containing hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors, then through a color wheel and a lens and onto the screen. Key benefits of DLP projectors include: smoother images with no “screen door” effect; crisp and clear presentation of fast motion video; vibrant colors created by its BrilliantColor technology.

“Over the next few years, we envision a large opportunity for the convergence of projection technology and mobile devices, like cell phones,” said Frank J. Moizio business development manager, TI DLP Front Projection.

Now mobile manufacturers can take advantage of TI DLP pico-projection technology as a new and enhanced display option in their devices. As the OMAP wireless application platform has helped revolutionize processing of media content on mobile devices , DLP pico-projection technology will advance the viewing experience of mobile devices providing significant improvements in productivity and entertainment experiences.

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First we used to have mobiles as a communication devices then comes SMS, MMS, MUSIC, CAMERA, UMPC now Projector for mobiles lining up . Now Guess what’s NEXT….


Yes you heard it right a battery which is flexible and also transparent. You will be surprised to know that the picture in image(above) is of a flexible battery ,This technological breakthrough is developed by Japanese scientists from the Waseda University.

This unique battery is made up of 200 nanometre redox-active organic polymer groups attached to it.These nitroxide radical groups act as charge carriers, offering a high charge/discharge capacity thanks to the high radical density.

Other than this advantage over regular batteries, it was interesting to note that the power rate performance is nothing short of jaw dropping – it takes a mere minute to charge the battery fully and boasts a superior cycle life of over a thousand cycles.

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upcoming mobiles

The new Nokia 5700 Xpress Music edition mobile phone features a dedicated music chip for the enhanced performance .The Music edition mobile comes with brilliant looks with the base or keypad can be twisted as per the need  and if you  intend to watch the movies, play video songs you can twist its base and let it rest on the table and enjoy .


-Music player with dedicated chip.
-2 Megapixel camera.
-Video call .
-Smartphone features.

latest mobiles

Price of Nokia 5700 express edition mobile phone is expected around EUR 350 and will be available around the second quarter of 2007.

Update sep15:

Price of Nokia 5700 Xpress Edition is Rs 12k(approx 300 $) in India.

upcoming latest mobiles


The LG slider KU800 is a 3G version of the popular and stunning LG KG800 Chocolate. The KU800 has been designed by LG with usability for the user and with a fashion conscious design to attract the desired attention. The handset comes with external touch sensitive controls which glow red when the controls are activated.

The controls are decent for the user and pleasing on the eye. The handset is sleek and stylish which provides the user with an elegant and highly capable 3G mobile phone. The LG KU800 comes with a large screen which provides a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels with up to The user can view the screen when the phone is in it’s slide open or slide closed position.

  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE (900/1800/1900 MHz) and UMTS
  • LCD – 2” QVGA (240×320 pixels), 262K colors
  • 2-megapixel camera
  • 60 MB of user available memory
  • Slot for microSD cards (up to 1 GB)
  • USB and Bluetooth
  • JAVA 2.0, WAP 2.0, EMS, MMS, V-MMS
  • 1000 mAh battery
  • Dimensions – 94.6×45.6×17.1 mm
  • Weight – 98 g

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New tablet pc

Algiz-8 Rugged handheld tablet PC for extreme environment.The company boasts of its claim of rigorous military testing like drops,vibration and condensation and handles rough temperatures ranging form 20°C to +50°C.To provide reliable communication in the field, Algiz 8 features integrated Bluetooth that connects easily to other peripheral devices. The 802.11a/b/g wireless provides access to local area network, e-mail and the Internet. GPRS, as well as high sensitivity GPS are optional.


  • 1.0 GHz ULV M processor.
  • 40 GB hard drive.
  • 8.4-inch SVGA display.
  • 1GB RAM.
  • Windows XP Pro.
  • 802.11a/b/g wireless, Bluetooth, and GPS.
  • Hot swappable 5800mAh battery for the much needed extended life.
  • 8.4” outdoor SVGA TFT resistive touch screen is sunlight viewable.

Application areas are:

  • Military
  • emergency services.
  • Securtiy services and many other rough services conditions.

Price and availability not disclosed yet.
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Nokia has officially confirmed the launch of the Nokia 7088 slider phone which will be coming under the L’Amour series.Also the upcoming latest mobile will be a first CDMA under L’Amour series collection.It has earthy palate of color and traditional materials looks, slightly bohemian feel of the earlier collection. Its jewel-like select key and carefully sculpted directional pad set into a metallic frame is worth seeking it. The front and the back are draped with the audacious leather textures.

“The Nokia L’Amour Collection has been enthusiastically received by design minded individuals around the world. We are pleased to be able to bring this bold expression of style and taste to CDMA customers,” said Larry Paulson, vice president and general manager of Nokia’s CDMA business.


-Camera with flash ( no details revealed on how much megapixels).
-Voice recorder.
-Two way speaker phone.
-Video recorder.
-Built in mobile web browser.
-128 x 160 pixel color display.

Release date of CDMA Nokia 7088 mobile phone: 2nd quarter of 2007                             Price of Nokia 7088 CDMA has not been revealed yet

Hi readers
Here i am testing the Google’s new feature of docs and spreadsheet..and it is pretty interesting with autosaving feature and all the handy tools right in the browser online no need for offline Ms office now you can modify your online documents on the go only with the help of your browser…
thats true mobility ,as i m typing this every 10-30 seconds the online docs are autosaving and thats great you dont have to worry for browser crash or power failure. You can highlight colour with yellow T button
Once you uploaded your documents there comes two options:
Collaborators and viewers:

Collaborators can edit, share, or post a document to their blog.
Although they can’t remove the document owner from the project, they can add or remove other collaborators.
Viewers can see a document, make a copy of it, and save it to their hard drive.
However, they can’t edit the original document.
It also has a function of Revisions :

(Click on Read more to expand)
so what are revisions ? Revisions are the changes you have made over time keeps track of the changes so that you can revert if necessary. …Also you can upload images upto 2 MB file size.

Here’s what you can do with documents:

  • Upload Word documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or text (or create documents from scratch).
  • Use our simple WYSIWYG editor to format your documents, spell-check them, etc.
  • Invite others (by e-mail address) to edit or view your documents and spreadsheets.
  • Edit documents online with whomever you choose.
  • View your documents’ and spreadsheets’ revision history and roll back to any version.
  • Publish documents and spreadsheets online to the world, as Web pages or post documents to your blog.
  • Download documents to your desktop as Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF, HTML or zip.
  • Email your documents out as attachments.

Here’s what you can do with spreadsheets:

  • Import and export of .xls, .csv, .txt and .ods formatted data (and export functionality for .pdf and html).
  • Enjoy intuitive navigation and editing, like any traditional document or spreadsheet.
  • Use formatting and formula editing in spreadsheets so you can calculate results and make your data look the way you want it.
  • Chat in real time with others who are editing your spreadsheet.
  • Embed a spreadsheet, or a piece of a spreadsheet, in your blog or website.

This complete document is been compiled at Google docs .
Its a very useful feature that google has given to us, making life easy with
editing on the go …
no more running to cyber cafe’s with docs stored in USB sticks..for printing.
just logon into your Google docs account and thats it.

Lg divx dvd player

Now you can watch movies on the go with the help of smart looking LG’s portable DVD player which has a 7 inch LCD screen.The DP 171 DivX portable DivX dvd player also has a built in stereo speakers,and comes with full support of wide variety of formats like VCD, SVCD, WMA, JPEG, Kodak CD, CD-R, RW, DVD R, and DivX.
(Click on Read more to expand)

The 100x High Speed Smooth Scan, enables the user to view videos and movies with crystal clear resolutions. Moreover, the on-screen Graphics User Interface makes it very simple to operate the LG DP 171 Portable DivX DVD player.

LG DP 171 Portable DivX DVD player comes bundled with a removable battery pack with a backup of 3 ½ hours, and an in-car charger of DC 12V. The DP 171 Portable DVD player from LG will is priced at Rs.12,990.

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