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Steam Deals This Week

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30 December 2010 Gaming,Pc-games

steam deals this week

As always, Steam is running a week long promotions of gaming deals these holidays, the deals includes various PC games and bundles with special prices that last only for 24 hours. So if you are looking for some really great PC games at a fraction of their original pricing now is the time to take action.


24 May 2009 Gaming,Pc-games


Even before its release Codemasters open world racing game FUEL is building records, it has been awarded the biggest racing game with largest playable environment ever in a video game by Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. The epic racing game is coming to all three platforms PlayStation 3, XBox and PC for everyone to enjoy.


31 October 2008 Gaming,Pc-games


We were expecting Grand Theft Auto 4 this November but now it seems Rockstar Games the publisher of GTA 4 has delayed the release to December 2. The game had already seen massive sales on the Xbox and Playstation platforms owing  to its innovative gameplay and captivating features, PC gamers were awaiting GTA 4 release since long only to see  it delayed again by 2 weeks, industry sources believe the delay has happened because of shipping problems.


10 October 2008 Gaming,Pc-games

Need for Speed Undercover Multiplayer

Upcoming title NFS Undercover is having support for online multiplayer but along with Sprint and Circuit multiplayer race modes but it will also come with a interesting multiplayer “Cops and Robbers” mode in which there will be a total of 8 players, 4 players will be cops and other 4 will be robbers. Now as in any other multiplayer games, the bad guys(robbers) must pick up a “Package”, showing their racing skills they have to speed away to deliver the package at the “Drop Zone”. The good guys( Cops) have to block their way preventing the delivery of the package. Each Undercover multiplayer game consists of two rounds thus gamers will be playing cops and robbers alternatively. (more…)

9 October 2008 Gaming,Pc-games

GTA-4-minimum requirements-PC

Grand Theft Auto IV which was released for consoles like Xbox and PS3 is now coming to PC, Rockstar games has revealed a new trailer for GTA 4 PC version. It is also said that the textures for the PC version are redone due to which there is a slight chance that it will look better on PC. The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV is due for release this November, the recommended system requirements were also revealed at the Official Games for Windows  website but the information was later removed. GTA IV Minimum system requirements are still not revealed but you can note the recommended requirements of GTA IV . (more…)

21 August 2008 Gaming,Pc-games,Youtube

Need For Speed: Undercover game pic has released a new NFS Undercover trailer bigger than the first one. This game is nothing less than a hollywood movie, EA has employed the finest state of the art production studios, spicy hollywood actress Maggie Q who will be playing the role of Federal Agent, game story inspired by the movie ‘Transporter’ all this makes it a better game than its predecessors as according to the initial reports, you get to play a undercover hero in it. Just like in NFS Most Wanted, you fight to be become most wanted this time you will be going under cover and there is no one to help you , you’re on your own. (more…)

Farcry 2 New Trailer Unveiled by Ubisoft

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20 August 2008 Gaming,Pc-games

Farcry 2

A new Farcry 2 trailer is released by Ubisoft, a few days ago minimum requirements of Farcry 2 for PC were also revealed. The game has already received a lot of compliments from the big gaming sites like IGN, claiming it to be the Best FPS game, Best PC game, Best Graphics technology. The Graphics and visuals are great in the trailer though i couldn’t understand the background song. See the trailer yourself and enjoy. (more…)

17 August 2008 Gaming,Pc-games

nfs undercover girl

As we have detailed earlier about NFS Undercover, now EA has released an official press release concerning the same, the Need For Speed Undercover will release on 18 November in North America followed by Europe on 21 November. It was also revealed that the hottest racing game of 2008( its certain) will be arriving on majority of the platforms like PC’s, Playstation 2&3, Xbox live, Wii’s, DS and PSP and you will be thrilled to know that the popular police cruising, nabbing down your car is back, i’ve specially loved those police chasing sequences, this time those hard times are back, ofcourse you will love’em. To spice up things there is a new cover babe, we mentioned about the NFS undercover girls before but this time its official that Maggie Q(Naked Weapon, MI3, Die Hard 4 fame) will be the Cover Babe of NFS Undercover, not only she will be on the covers of DVD’s but she is also playing Federal Agent Chase Linh, a seductive handler who recruits and guides players as they go undercover. (more…)

14 August 2008 Gaming,Pc-games

Need For Speed Undercover logo

We talked about Need For Speed Undercover few days back, today i found a new Youtube Clip that takes you through all the hidden videos inside the website( interrogation room) which gets revealed when you click on the video hotspots in the room. Someone at Youtube was kind enough to make it in a single video for us that takes you through all the NFS Undercover clips. The logo above is the official Need for Speed Undercover logo which was revealed in E3 2008. Video after jump. (more…)

12 August 2008 Gaming,Pc-games

Farcry 2 teaser trailer

PC games are becoming better and prettier and with this betterment comes the need of more powerful rigs like never before, the second installment Farcry 2 has got its minimum configuration and recommended hardware requirements released by Ubisoft for PC today. Farcry 2 is expected to sport mind blowing graphics and scenery like its predecessor, and for the same it needs high graphics processing power, the rig that you’ve purchased last year might not be good enough to be able to play Farcry 2. Check out after the jump if your rig is ‘Farcry 2 ready’ or not. (more…)

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