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2013 Office 365 Launched in India–Takes Business Productivity to Next Level

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4 March 2013 New Softwares

We have just returned from the Office 365 launch event held in New Delhi and to our surprise the new Office for Business has shown that connectivity is the key  to seamless business productivity, 2013 Office features the cloud upload by default which means that whatever you are working on gets saved online and is linked to your account ID and then you can access it from anywhere – be it mobile, tablet or home computer. Other notable features includes web apps like Bing News that sits in the right sidebar and helps in content research, you can now directly  embed Youtube videos too. Office is also touch optimized with handwriting recognition and live collaboration across various devices.

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29 July 2011 New Softwares

3D is the latest in-thing in the tech world. Everything from handheld consoles to LCD TVs and set-top boxes are moving towards 3D. As a result, many of us want to capture a 3D image ourselves but it requires a 3D-enabled camera which is a rarity for most of us. Luckily now we can capture a 3D image even from our digital camera, webcam, and even from our phone’s camera.


Opera Releases Opera mini 6.1 & Opera Mobile 11.1 For Mobile Devices [Download]

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4 July 2011 New Softwares


Few days back Opera updated its desktop web browser to version 11.50. Now it has released updates for Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, giving users a faster and better web experience. With this update Opera Mini has moved onto version 6.1 while Opera Mobile to 11.1.


Microsoft Releases Office 2010 Service Pack 1 [Download]

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29 June 2011 New Softwares


Microsoft earns a good amount of revenue from its Office suite, and as far as Office 2010 goes, Microsoft claims it to be the fastest selling version of Office with more than 50 million users in one year’s time. Microsoft has just released the first service pack for Office 2010 which will add some new features to the software along with some performance improvements and bug fixes.


Opera 11.50 “Swordfish” Web Browser Released For Windows, Mac & Linux [Download]

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29 June 2011 New Softwares


Opera Mini is the most popular browser on all mobile devices combined. But it is a different case when it comes to desktop solution. Surprisingly, it is not the most used web-browser on desktops, in spite of the fact that it scored 100/100 in Acid3 test. The company is trying hard to become number one in desktop browsers. The latest update, that is, Opera 11.50 is just another step in making it more popular among users. (more…)

27 June 2011 New Softwares
µTorrent is the most widely used BitTorrent client. The client is liked by users mainly because of its small footprint, light on resources and better performance than most others. As told by Jordy Berson, µTorrent’s director, “µTorrent’s popularity lies in its simplicity and power. As a result, we are very selective in the features and apps we add, focusing on maintaining the lightness and speed our community expects.”


OperaMini 6 & OperaMobile 11 Released for Android

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23 March 2011 New Softwares


Opera Software has updated its line of Mobile browsers by releasing OperaMini 6 and OperaMobile 11 for various mobile operating systems. Both of these browsers are widely used on mobile platforms. While OperaMini is preferred by those who want to cut their data charges as it compresses web pages on server end, OperaMobile works more like a desktop browser, and OperaMobile 11 is even compatible with HTML5. (more…)

New PS3 Firmware 3.60 with Cloud Saving Feature

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10 March 2011 New Softwares

PS3 firmware 3.60

A new PlayStation 3 System Software version 3.60 is now available which brings the much awaited Cloud Service for the PlayStation Plus subscribers. This new feature allows uploading of those precious game saves files to Sony’s cloud servers online from XMB which you can restore later if needed, along with this another new feature makes its way into the PS3 console through which you can set the time before a controller automatically turns itself off after usage. Sony has also pushed a new private key with this firmware to prevent further hacking of their consoles, however it can be hacked again with a new exploit.


10 March 2011 New Softwares


RockMelt is a Chromium based browser which is developed specifically for people who loves to remain connected with Facebook and Twitter 24×7. RockMelt was in private beta since November 2010, and  until now it has been updated 15 times making it more stable. Finally the first public beta of the browser is now out. (more…)

26 February 2011 New Softwares


Previously we reported about Avast 6 antivirus which delivers good protection to Windows PC in spite of being a freeware. But if you want a better and more powerful security solution then you might like to read about Symantec’s latest offering Norton 360 Version 5.0. (more…)

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