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17 April 2011 Miscellaneous,Windows

Playstation eye on windows driver -

If you own PlayStation 3, then there is high chance that you will also be having its accessory called PlayStation Eye which is used for playing PS Move games and for online chatting. However if you are are not playing PS Move games anymore and your PS Eye is biting dust, then why not use it as a webcam on Windows. PlayStation Eye has a better sensor than most of the cheap webcams available in the market and setting it up to use is really easy.


Indian Customers Get Free Shipping Scheme From

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14 April 2011 Miscellaneous

Good news for those who regularly buy stuff from but always hated to pay that International Shipping charges. Amazon has now introduced Super Saver scheme for its Indian customers. According to this offer if you buy stuff worth £25 (approx. Rs. 1,809) or more then you do not need to pay the shipping charges to Amazon. (more…)

Guide to Run Old & Incompatible Add-ons on Firefox 4

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22 March 2011 Miscellaneous

Mozilla has launched the latest iteration of their web browser, Firefox 4. We all know that Firefox 4 brings lot of much needed features to the table, but what if your old Firefox add-ons doesn’t work with Firefox 4? To solve your problem here is a small guide to run old & incompatible add-ons with Firefox 4. (more…)

What To Do If Someone Else is Using Your Facebook Account?

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3 February 2011 Internet,Miscellaneous


What if someone else sneaks into your Facebook account? Well, this could be a quite serious situation. In this article we will cover some simple steps you should follow in such situation. But before that let’s see how to find out if someone else is using your Facebook Account. (more…)

20 January 2011 Miscellaneous

Yesterday a new PS3 custom firmware developed by Kmeaw was released that is easy to install and unlike waninkoko’s CFW, is perfectly safe too. Here we will be providing you step by step instructions for installing the latest custom firmware v3.55 on PS3. The instructions are quite easy to follow even for the beginners. Kmeaw CFW 3.55 also supports backup managers using a lv2 patcher which must be executed everytime you wish to run the backup managers.


PS3 Custom Firmware v3.55 by Waninkoko

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17 January 2011 Miscellaneous

This is the most latest news in the PS3 hacking scene, yesterday Flukes1 released the lv1/lv2 Peek/Poke Tools and now just minutes ago, Waninkoko has released the latest Custom Firmware v3.55 for PS3 that allows the installation of homebrew applications. Even the PS3 game backups could be run using this firmware, however we have yet to see any dedicated backup manager for PS3 firwmare 3.55 that makes the loading of games and management easy for regular gamers.


GTVHacker Dev Team Jailbreaks Google TV, Runs Hulu [Video]

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12 January 2011 Miscellaneous


After a long wait of three months, a group of hackers named GTVHacker Dev Team has finally jailbroken Google TV to claim the $1000 bounty announced by developer Howard Harte. This jailbreak is based on several software and hardware hacks. The hack includes opening up the Logitech Revue unit, and it even needs some tickling with the circuit board wires, making this hack a bit more complex than most people’s liking. (more…)

10 January 2011 Miscellaneous,Tech News

Last couple of days have been great for the homebrew PlayStation 3 fans,  PS3 got its first custom firmware, then Geohot published the root keys and now finally he has released a modified PUP firmware that jailbreak the PS3 firmware 3.55 for homebrew applications.


Playstation 3 Custom Firmware Released

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5 January 2011 Miscellaneous,Software

Playstation 3 has entered into a new world of homebrews, with Kakarato announcing the first build of PS3 Custom Firmware, but for now it doesn’t do much, it just adds an option of “Install Package Files” in the Game XMB menu. The important bit is that now with fail0verflow tools and PS3 root key, custom firmware can be created for any version of PS3, be it v3.41 or the latest v3.55 firmware.


Geohot Releases Playstation 3 Root Key

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4 January 2011 Miscellaneous,Software

Just a few days ago, Fail0verflow team revealed the way to break the Playstation 3 security and how they get on to it, now the Root Key that made it all possible has been released in public by the famous hacker Geohot. Along with this a sample “Hello World”  and “lvg2diag.self” programs are also made available for proof.


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