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22 March 2013 Latest Technology

Want to have a sneak peak at the next generation of real time speech recognition tech that could also generate said text as we speak, then have a look at the MSR (Microsoft Research) demo below using Windows Phone 8 running the custom apps for voice search, it shows that next gen phones will be able to recognize voice much faster (low latency) and also in the presence of ambient noise. The app also types text as we speak which is a really cool feature.

new voice search latency-2


23 June 2012 Latest Technology


It appears that Microsoft has finally made use of the hundreds of brilliant minds working at the company to create a product that people will definitely love. Its not like anything you have previously seen from Microsoft, it’s a complete Microsoft designed Surface tablet that will be manufactured and sold by Microsoft. The Surface Win 8 tablet which is also branded as Windows 8 RT/Pro tablet features several innovative features and technology, it uses VaporMg hard magnesium case which is light weight and provide ample protection to the tablet, Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass 2 HD 10.6 inch optically bonded Display is also making its appearance, dual Wi-Fi antennas for better connectivity, you will also get HDMI, USB and microSD ports. Check out more pictures of the surface tablet and other details after the jump.


5 June 2012 Latest Technology

New Ultrabook laptops 2012

Moving ahead in the game of shrinking chips for the betterment of computing Intel has unveiled new range of Ultrabooks that will be powered by the 3rd generation of Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors, these are built on the latest 22 nanometer fabrication technology, with these chips users will get 22% faster performance and at the same time these will be easy on battery consumption providing you ample time for productivity tasks.


28 May 2012 Latest Technology


future mobile display-lg

It seems that LG has beaten everybody else as far as Mobile displays are concerned, recently the company showcased the most pixel dense mobile display which is miles ahead of the iPhone’s retina display. The announced mobile display is a 5 inch beauty that is capable of Full HD resolution with 440 ppi (pixels per inch) over 16:9 aspect ratio, the technology used is the LG’s variation of IPS technology named as AH-IPS (Advanced High Performance In-Plane Switching).


3 May 2012 Latest Technology

3D TV 2012

Yesterday, at a press conference in New Delhi, LG India unveiled the new game changing Cinema Screen display that is just 1MM thin and has 3D capabilities, Cinema Screen Smart TV is highly optimized for 3D viewing with enhanced 3D Depth control, it extracts the ‘depth map’ of 3D source and adjusts it for breathtaking 3D. Another awesome feature was integrated Dual Play FPR technology where two players can play multiplayer games simultaneously without splitting the screen, each player will see their respective full screen, its like two players playing on two screens.


27 May 2011 Latest Technology

Google-mobile payment service

Google has announced the next generation of mobile payment service named Google Wallet at an event yesterday, this service makes use of the NFC(Near Field Communication) technology to authorize payments and for now it will be available for Nexus S, the live trials have already begun with full service release expected to follow soon which will make most of the high end Android mobiles compatible with the Wallet service.


15 August 2010 Latest Technology

app search google

Gmail has introduced a new feature in Gmail Labs using which a user will now be able to search Google docs and Internet right from their Gmail account.


29 July 2010 Latest Technology


It may not look like a big news to most of you, but those having interest in robotics will definitely appreciate it. A four legged robot named Ranger recently covered 14,3 miles (23 kms) in 10 hours, 40 minutes, and 48 seconds (speed: approx 2km/hr), while breaking the previous record of 12.8 miles by Big Dog. (more…)

28 July 2010 Latest Technology


What? Really? That’s the kind of reaction i had when i first read about this breakthrough innovation from Intel. To just give you an idea about the intensity of this experiment, 50Gbps data transfer speed can transfer an HD movie in just a second. (more…)

28 July 2010 Latest Technology


Translating a document to other foreign language can be baffling.  At the same time if your foreign language is broken, you can be in deep trouble.Well no worries now, as always Google has a solution. Yesterday Google has introduced native translation services inside Google Docs which allows you to translate your online documents over 53 language.


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