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26 December 2011 Irresistible Reviews

Sony Tablet S India Review

Sony’s Tablet S is one of the latest and late entrant in the Android Tablet market in India but unlike the other iPad wannabees the Tablet S design looks stylish and original, it is lightweight and quite comfortable in hands. Tablet S is powered by a dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 Processor with 1GB RAM and is a smooth performer. Read our review of the Tablet S to see if it has in it to take on the other Android Tablets.


25 November 2011 Irresistible Reviews

Norton Internet Security2012

Norton Internet Security has been refreshed again with a new look and surprisingly the improvements are not just cosmetic, its performance has also been improved drastically, it loads effortlessly and is very easy on the system resources. Norton Internet Security 2012 also comes with improved version of all the features that were present in NIS 2011. List of features in NIS 2012 can be found below.


24 October 2010 Hardware,Irresistible Reviews


Lenovo IdeaCentre B500 is a all-in-one desktop that brings complete home entertainment features in an elegant compact package, it sports an angular design with machine cut speaker grills that are inspired from the Halo, the machine itself has a small footprint that allows for space saving and at the same time provides ample power for your computing and entertainment needs. We recently got our hands on the machine, lets have a look at the review results after the break.



PlayStation Plus was launched last week as a premium service for PS3 gamers that would provide free monthly games download, exclusive betas of upcoming games, auto-updation of PS3 games, full game trials and discount on PSN games, all this for a yearly subscription fees of $49.99 or $17.99 for three months. We got access to PlayStation Plus yearly subscription earlier this week and now we will tell you everything you wanted to know about this premium service.


8 April 2010 Irresistible Reviews

loginotes package

LogiNotes is a next generation note taking device that could increase your productivity manifold by organizing and saving all your hand written notes, diagrams to the computer thereby removing the paper clutter from your desk, another totally innovative feature is its handy onboard memory, for those times when you don’t have your laptop/desktop nearby, you can save your hand written notes to the device on the go which can later be transferred to the computer.


X-Mini II and X-Mini MAX II

X-Mini II Speakers are the coolest mini speakers you will ever spend your money on, much thought has been given to the design of these rechargeable capsule speakers which I am sure will amaze you with their aesthetics and usability, most importantly these sounds just right and even at full volume the sound didn’t crack, example of superior build quality. All X-Mini speakers sports a twist and lift mechanism for more bass effect.


13 October 2009 Irresistible Reviews

Really Simple Syndication Or RSS has changed the way how we access information today. They can be synchronized to desktop applications or even your smart phones. In the world of Web 2.0, most of the sites provide Feed of their streams but still there are some static sites which lack the feeding functionality, or even if they are dynamic they still don’t offer RSS feeds for purpose.


26 September 2009 Irresistible Reviews,Software

F-Secure Internet security 2010-main

F-Secure has released a new Internet Security 2010 software featuring redesigned interface coupled with very easy to use parental control features that you can setup during your initial installation while F-Secure is downloading updates in the background, this new build is easy on system resources and F-Secure claims to have 60% faster virus scans than the previous version.


sound-wave-phone Mobiles have been a essential part of our life. We depend on our mobiles for connectivity with the world, e-mail, etc. But these small wonders have a major problem – they need to be charged after a certain interval of time. To overcome this problem many technologies are being invented and one of the latest in this race is “Charging the Mobile Phone using the nearby sound waves”.


29 November 2008 Irresistible Reviews

Sandisk Ultra 8GB SDHC mobile card review

SanDisk Mobile Ultra MicroSDHC 8GB is premium mobile card which offers great features and 8 GB storage space in a neat tiny package. SanDisk Ultra range of cards promises fast data transfer speeds as compared to the previous generation of mobile cards, The 8GB Ultra SDHC card I received was one of them, the package consists of a 8 GB MicroSDHC card which is of the similar size of any other MicroSD card and a tiny USB Card Reader which makes it easy to use the MicroSDHC  card as a 8 GB high speed pendrive. The data transfer speeds are the fastest if you compare it with the generic pendrives available in the market. If you have a mobile, digital camera that supports MicroSDHC cards upto 8 GB than this is a product to go for.


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