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21 May 2013 Internet

In an unexpected move, Flickr which is owned by Yahoo has announced that its users will now get a massive 1 Terabyte of free cloud storage for their photos, apart from this, free users can store massive photos up to 200MB per photo for free, this 1TB space could also be utilized by uploading Full HD videos up to 1GB each. This new update also allows users to upload and download original photos without worrying about the file size.


23 February 2013 Internet

Tikona new plans

Tikona Digital Networks has announced its new broadband plans for Indian subscribers for year 2013, our favorite among the new launches is the 4 Mbps unlimited plan which is available for just INR 1,499 per month but it comes with FUP limit of 80 GB after which the speed will be distributed based on the number of people online according to the contention ratio which 1:10 for Tikona. It means you will share speed with 9 other users. Still, it is better than what Airtel has been offering, on the top of that Airtel has recently hiked tariffs by 10%.


Download Torrent Files Directly via Chrome Browser without Desktop Client with Torque–OneClick

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8 July 2012 Internet

direct torrent download via chrome browser

BitTorrent  has just announced the alpha version of Torque which a powerful new platform for putting things on web, they have announced Torque labs where several web apps demonstrate what BitTorrent Torque can do. An app named OneClick is now available which is an alternative to downloading torrent files without the desktop application, now you can directly download torrent movies, music via your web browser, OneClick app for Chrome allows you to download files with .torrent extension as normal in-browser downloads like any other file. There will be nothing to manage just plain simple torrent files downloaded to your computer without torrent client(see pic above).


How to Access Remote Desktop From Google Chrome

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2 November 2011 Internet

Sometimes when we have trouble with our systems and we do not know how to fix it, we ask a friend or someone who we know could handle that problem. Generally we are instructed by them step by step and we tell them the errors coming up and the things are solved. But there are places and certain problems that may be critical and also complex for us to follow instructions in order to properly troubleshoot them. (more…)

Transfer Friends & Media From Facebook To Google+

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28 July 2011 Internet

Google+ is the latest challenger to Facebook. While Facebook is still miles ahead of Google+, many of you would prefer to have accounts on both these social networking sites. And if you are one of those, and looking for a way to transfer your contacts, photos and videos then here is a way to get it done.


Browser Add-ons To Get Old Facebook Chat Back [Download]

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26 July 2011 Internet

If you are annoyed of the new chat system introduced by Facebook, and want to get rid of it then here are two add-ons that work on various browsers that will solve your problem. Before proceeding any further remember that both these add-ons work only on Windows.


12 July 2011 Internet

Few days back we reported about two new features added in Facebook, that is, group chat and video calling. We have already told you how to setup the video calling in Facebook (read guide here). Now we will tell you about the group chat feature. Facebook group chat feature allows online friends to chat simultaneously in one window. You can also chat with an entire Facebook group, if you are a member of that group.


When it comes to books, most of us prefer to go for reading eBooks as it’s far more convenient to access from any part of the world and we need not carry them physically. Also more number of books can be stored electronically. In this world as the popularity of eBook is increasing people are using e-readers, smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets to read them. But the problem arises when we need to keep them organized especially if someone is in constant habit of downloading and reading. The books in our system get messed up and hence very difficult to manage and store. People generally go for Kindle store. (more…)

27 March 2011 Internet

All the latest commonly used web browsers now come with GPU acceleration support. This basically helps users to get optimum performance from their browsers. It improves the display quality and at times solves browser lag problems. But if you are using an outdated system with no or older dedicated graphics card, then this browser feature can prove to be lot heavier. (more…)

24 March 2011 Internet

Nowadays everyone download a lots of images. General practice is that we right click on the image and do Save Image As. This is acceptable if you are doing it for single image occasionally. But if you have to download several images from a webpage then it is a very laborious option. Basically we go for some add-ons to do this job. But it is necessary that the add-on does not save unwanted images of the web sites or the thumbnails. (more…)

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