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Transcend Presents New Portable SSD Solutions

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12 October 2007 Hardware


Transcend has confirmed the availability of the new 8Gb,16GB and 32GB 2.5″ SATA Solid State Disk (SSD) drives .The slim SSD drives will come in a regular 2.5 inch size and features a SATA interface which is backward compatible with SATA 1.0. It comes  with a metal outer case to protect the drive from rough handling and shocks. (more…)

7 October 2007 Hardware

Kingston has announced the availability of high end DDR3 memory modules which operates at the frequency of upto 1800Mhz. Kingston offered the new memory modules as a single  channel 1 GB and also as a dual channel mode 2GB memory module.These memories work at higher than the standard frequency of 1625Mhz. Both of these memories are certified to work  at lower latency timings of 7-7-7-20-1T using 1.9V. The Price is $224 for the single 1GB one and $448 for the 2 GB one. (more…)

2 October 2007 Cool Gadgets,Hardware

memliteusb drives

Do you feel uncomfortable while carrier a cigaratte lighter then this USB cum Lighter is for you. This Memlite is a USB drive with lighter or take it as a lighter with a USB storage device.Now you can enjoy an inbuilt lighter which will help you light cigarettes and you have an excuse ready whenever your mom caught you up with a lighter. (more…)

latest display technology

Sony has revealed new XWL-1 TV which uses the latest Organic EL display technology and is the slimmest TV on planet earth, see the picture it’s just as thin as the thinness of coin super slim i would say.The new Tv is just 3mm thin and an 11 inch QHD screen which boasts of contrast ratio of 1000K:1 with vivid colours.This TV also has support for High Definition video , comes with a HDMI input port and QHD resolution display. (more…)

Innovative CX940UX USB Plug & Play PC Monitors From Samsung

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Samsung has released quite innovative 19 inch CX940UX PC monitor which can work via USB ports without needing any additional graphics card or hardware.The  CX940UX PC monitor is a new addition to the present Syncmaster family which also features support for additional 6 monitors via inbuit USB ports.With CX940UX PC monitors you can easily connect several extra PC monitors via USB ports, nothing else is needed. Just plug and play. (more…)

19 September 2007 Hardware


With the increase in high definition content and storage technology moving to terabytes in household hard drive market ,Intel,HP ,Microsoft and a handful of other companies are joining hands to develop a new USB 3.0 technology standard which will boost the data transfer speed from 480 megabits per second to 4.8 gigabits per second. (more…)

19 September 2007 Hardware,Latest Technology


Intel has showed off the future of computing with its newly built chips using the 32 nm fabrication technology .The all new 32 nm Nehalem chip architecture has been developed by Intel in which each die incorporates around 1.9 billion transistor in a single chip wow.Intel has also demonstrated the next generation 32 nm technology by running a PC with its newly born Nehalem chip architecture. (more…)

18 September 2007 Hardware,Latest Technology

The new upcoming Phenom processors will see another partner in the form of 3x triple core version .The upcoming Phenom family by this time was having 2x(dual core) and 4x(quad core) versions but now the series will be joined by another triple core processor, so in total there will be 3 major AMD processors  coming in the first quarter of 2008 .Challenge ahead for Intel as AMD said that the new CPU which is code named as Toliman is the world’s first desktop processor to integrate three cores in a single die of silicon. (more…)

12 September 2007 Cool Gadgets,Hardware

Microsoft has revealed world’s first mouse with 1 GB of internal memory.The new Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 is the industy’s first rechargeable laptop mouse having 1 Gigabytes of memory built into the transceiver.This all in one mouse provides three important features : (more…)

24 August 2007 Cool Gadgets,Hardware

toshibe 8gb sdcard
This is hell 32 GB in a single SD card ,Toshiba has announced new SDHC memory cards which provides storage capacity of massive 32 GB which is more than enough for our mobile needs and I don’t think such a huge capacity SD card would be compatible with the available mobile handsets and other portable devices because maximum supported memory is generally 2 GB and 4 GB in medium level handsets.More after the jump. (more…)

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