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WordPress 2.6 + Improved Vertical Navigation = WordPress 2.7

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15 September 2008 Blogging,Internet

crazyhorse-preview2 We know that many A-list blogger’s (and others too) are a big fan of WordPress. We are already given power to customize WordPress as we like with the plugins but imagine if you get a chance to design WordPress control panel in your way, how convenient would it be? The WordPress guys are giving an opportunity and are looking for some suggestions regarding the navigation link structure in control panel.


WordPress 2.6 is Ready to Blow your Mind!

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15 July 2008 Blogging,Internet,Tech News

WordPress just released a new version. As expected it is having Turbo feature with lots of other useful improvements. Some of the very cool & useful improvements have been made like Turbo feature, Post Revisions, Theme Previews, Press This & much much more. If you are running a WordPress blog, don’t dare to miss this upgrade. We tested all the new features and have pointed them below. WordPress guys poured a video too for this release. Check it below:


Hey Adsense Referrals, we will miss you!

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2 July 2008 Blogging,Tech News

logo Google has finally made the official announcement about the retirement of the Google Adsense Referrals. Google acquired DoubleClick a while ago and is finally implementing its technology & had built the Google Affiliate Network (GAN). GAN will work same as Google Adsense Referrals but the difference here will be that GAN will be targeting users located in the United States.


WordPress 2.6 gets taste of Gears but no offline blogging feature yet!

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1 June 2008 Blogging,Tech News

wp-gears When it comes to offline blogging, WordPress (self-hosted) blogs gets a minus point here. WordPress developers are using Gears in WordPress 2.6 but just for speeding up the loading time of WordPress admin panel pages.

WordPress admin panel uses lots & lots of CSS files, JavaScript, etc, so every time when the page has to be loaded all the files are fetched again and again from the server. Thus slowing the load time of each page. WordPress guys made a clever move to cut down the load time of pages of admin panel. Offline blogging feature will still take a long time to exist in WordPress. (more…)

18 January 2008 Blogging,Internet,Tech News

Yahoo openid

Finally around 250 million active yahoo users will be able to use the OpenID technology which will let you use your yahoo account username and password in thousands of websites that support OpenID access. OpenID 2.0 digital identity framework identifies the different problems users face related to logins,data portability, it reduces the amount of different log-in information people need to create, remember and enter online. as the no. of websites growing rapidly remembering the password for each and every website is headache in itself.


1 November 2007 Blogging,Tech News

Paypal has added a new feature for the Indian paypal users through which all Indians can withdraw their paypal money to their bank account and there is no minimum withdrawal limit. However there is nominal fees of Rs 50/- if you requesting less than Rs 7000/- while there’s no fees for withdrawal of more than Rs 7000/- (more…)

29 July 2007 Blogging,Wordpress

Note: This is the fourth and final part of the Series Shifting to WordPress
If you haven’t read the previous parts then they are below :

  1. 22 Reasons why your should be at WordPress Part 1
  2. Why you shouldn’t delay shifting to WordPress Part 2
  3. Checklist for Shifting to WordPress Part 3

Now you have got three things:

  • Your own Hosting
  • Your own Domain
  • WordPress installation package

If you have buyed the domain and hosting from the same company the Nameservers must be already assigned and you have saved yourself some time ,If however you buy Domain and Hosting from different companies which is considered the best practice among the most webmasters because all your eggs aren’t in the same basket…even i ve domain and hosting on different companies.So now you have to change the Nameservers at your domain control panel to the Nameservers given in the welcome mail of your hosting company .

They would look like this,
By changing the Nameservers you are telling the 13 parent root servers on the internet to resolve your domain and to direct it towards your hosting company .

Now domain propagation needs time so it will take some time to to locate your hosting ,this is called DNS propagation usually it takes 24-72 hour time frame but i have noticed that nowadays DNS propagation took less time than before, now DNS get easily propagated in less than 24 hours.. (more…)

25 July 2007 Blogging,Wordpress

Note : This is third article in the series “Shifting to wordpress”
You can read the previous articles below:

  1. 22 reasons why you should blog at wordpress!
  2. Why you should not delay in shifting to wordpress?

After all the research and shaking your mind you decided to go for WordPress ..Aren’t you feeling excited yes you will and you will feel a little nervous also as you are shifting your hard work to completely new platform think of it as shifting your lovely home to a new place and you don’t even have a single idea what your new home have it for you…you will get new neighbors and you will get to
meet new people in that area.

Analogy with shifting home?
When you shift your home sweet home, the place where you live .Probably you might have spent uncalculated time to make it look like home ,you have beautified the bedroom,drawing room,your also made your study room look like a geek masterplace now for some reasons you want to shift home ..headache…so what, sometimes a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do .. you have to face i getting serious:)

So you will need money to buy your new you have to pay for Domain and hosting ,and you also want your home to look better than your neighbors house isn’t you,so you have to hunt for the best designer or look out for the best theme that matches your blog taste. (more…)

24 July 2007 Blogging,Wordpress

This is the second post of the series of Shifting to WordPress(With your own hosting) .You can read the first post in this series here at:

22 reasons why you should be at WordPress :Shifting to WordPress Part 1 (opens in same window)
22 reasons why you should be at WordPress :Shifting to WordPress Part 1 (opens in new window)

Here i am gonna to tell you about my experience with wordpress.

I have shifted to WordPress almost two week ago and i am still waiting for the reindexing of my previous posts by search engines which means i am missing out most of my traffic that has directly reduced my earnings. But there is an interesting part too,Fortunately i am able to retain almost half of my traffic while shifting to WordPress this has been made possible with the help of Post slug option available in the WordPress i will talk a little later about this.. (more…)

20 July 2007 Blogging,Wordpress

If you are already on WordPress than consider yourself lucky because you are on the World’s best blogging platform .If you are on any other blogging platform like blogger,Typepad,Movable Type then you should consider shifting to wordpress as if you don’t shift now ..than you have to shift later ..the more delay the more trouble you will face …i will try to cover the know how required to shift to WordPress in a series of posts of which this is the first one.

22 Reasons Why you need to shift to WordPress Platform (With your Own Hosting):

1) First impression

You will not overlooked ,if you are using a free blog hosting platform like blogger chances are that you will get overlooked by most of the people,Remember that there are a millions of blogs out there and nobody have that much time to read all of them,so with WordPress you stand a good chance to steal a impression.

2) Looks/Designs to die out for

Lots of themes of almost every niche.Whatever your blog niche/topic be, you will always find a theme that will suit your blog .

3) Complete control

With your own hosting you are the king ,you can setup subdomains to add more functionality to your blog like a directory,forums, tools etc only limited by your imagination. (more…)

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