Sony Tablet S Review [Android Tablet 2012]

26 December 2011 By Shashank

Sony Tablet S India Review

Sony’s Tablet S is one of the latest and late entrant in the Android Tablet market in India but unlike the other iPad wannabees the Tablet S design looks stylish and original, it is lightweight and quite comfortable in hands. Tablet S is powered by a dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 Processor with 1GB RAM and is a smooth performer. Read our review of the Tablet S to see if it has in it to take on the other Android Tablets.

sony Tablet S review 2012 

Tablet S Out of the Box Experience

Our Tablet S came with Android 3.2 OS out of the box, but after a short while a new update became available for PS3 controller support, the upgrade was easy just like the PS3 updates and now we are hearing that Sony will also be releasing Android 4.0 for Tablet S early in 2012.

Upon start the Tablet S welcomes you with nice boot animation and becomes ready to use within a few seconds, the speed of operation was brilliant and it doesn’t lag but while playing HD videos if you change the orientation it pauses and sometimes lags a bit weird. The placement of apps and other settings have been customized for better user experience. Also the Apps drawer white background and general dark background of the tablet doesn’t really works well for the eyes, but you can always change your wallpaper however you cannot change the background of app drawer.

Tablet S sports a TruBlack display which is gorgeously vibrant, the screen size is 9.4” having a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with border less design, you will love to watch HD videos on it.

Tablet S Design:

At first look you would not find the buttons at the front panel as they are hidden on the right side at the location where your fingers would normally be when you hold it in landscape mode. Left side has SD card reader, microUSB and 3.5 mm audio jack, it could now also support PS3 game controller courtesy of the recent firmware update, but you will need to pair it with a separately sold microUSB cable. At the bottom left is a Proprietary charging port.

Sony Tablet S Specifications – Read our article from Tablet S Launch.

Sony Tablet S review -lockscreen

Tablet S homescreen

Sony Tablet s -right

Sony Tablet s -left Tablet s review-3

Tablet S Apps:

Except from the standard stuff, Tablet S features an IR Remote Control and Wireless Throw Function. Remote control app allows you to register any of you IR electronics at home which you can later control it via Tablet S whereas the Throw function allows you to wirelessly throw videos and pictures to DLNA TVs in your local Wi-Fi network.

Open apps in the easy to access multi-tasking pane, behind is the app drawer:

Tablet s multitasking

Bundled Social Reader app for Twitter and Facebook:

social reader on tablet s

Reader App from Sony  is also available which makes book reading easy on this tablet;  however, its book store is not available in India yet.

Camera: Tablet S offers dual cameras, 5 megapixel at the back and VGA camera at front. The quality of the rear camera is quite good, its auto-focus works well too but you cannot select a custom focus point.


The picture below is taken from the rear camera in low light conditions.

Five Exclusive Entertainment Apps: Sony is providing a number of apps specially designed for Indian customers ranging from movies, music to daily TV soaps, these are BigFlix, Bollywood Hungama, Meragana, Video Chaska and Star Player.

PlayStation Certified Android Tablet S

Tablet S is the world’s first Android tablet with PlayStation certification, which means that if you are a gamer then you would definitely enjoy what this tablet has to offer. A recent software update enabled the use of PS3 controller to play games on this tablet. Two PlayStation games – Pinball Heroes and Crash Bandicoot comes pre-installed.

Gaming Performance:

Tablet S handles the normal and HD games pretty well, there is also a trial download link of 5 Gameloft HD games given in the tablet, Asphalt 6 is also among them which looks and plays really good.

asphalt 6 tablet

Tablet S Issues:

The only issue we faced with Tablet S is its Wi-Fi connectivity issue, it auto disconnects from Wi-Fi and then doesn’t auto reconnect, we have to turn off and on Wi-Fi from the Tablet every time manually to make it work.

Battery Life of Tablet S:

Tablet S comes with a 5,000 mAH in-built battery which will easily get you 1 day of normal usage. If you plan to use the tablet heavily with games and HD viewing you will have to charge it daily.

Sony Tablet S Pros

  • Great Design and impressive display
  • Remote Control and Throw Function
  • PlayStation Certification
  • Custom Apps for Indian Users

Sony Tablet S Cons

  • No HDMI port
  • Bit Pricey when compared with competition
  • Proprietary charging port

TechLivez  Sony Tablet S Rating:  8/10

Availability and pricing: Wi-Fi 16GB Tablet S is available in the stores right now whereas 3G + Wi-Fi 32 GB version will become available in January, 2012 – prices are Rs. 29,990 and Rs. 33,990 respectively. International pricing is $499 for 16GB and $599 for 32GB.

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Very Nice Review About Sony Tablet S. Good Work Shashank…

Very Nice Review About Sony Tablet S. Good Work Shashank…

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