How to Play Android Games On Windows 7

5 November 2011 By Sourojit

Android games and apps are already popular. Apart from playing those on you android phone, you might want to play them on your Windows in free time. Well, there is a simple way that already exist i.e using a genuine android emulator. But as we all know the android emulators already available are slow enough and android itself lags a lot on them. To avoid such situations we have Bluestacks.

Bluestacks is a simple application that allows you to play your favorite Android games on Windows 7 PC. By default it comes with ten preloaded applications but you can add more. You can create a free Bluestacks account to sync apps you subscribe from the main site. The syncing procedure is similar to the one we follow in market.

If you are not satisfied with the available apps and want to try some apps installed on your Phone, you can transfer using the Cloud Connect feature. Install the phone app and connect it to Bluestacks. You will see the transferred apps soon on your PC.

To play games on PC you can use the gadget that appears on desktop. Just select and click the application you want to play. The application works well and is tested on Windows 7 32 bit.

Download: Bluestacks

Download: Cloud Connect for Android


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