Norton Internet Security2012

Norton Internet Security has been refreshed again with a new look and surprisingly the improvements are not just cosmetic, its performance has also been improved drastically, it loads effortlessly and is very easy on the system resources. Norton Internet Security 2012 also comes with improved version of all the features that were present in NIS 2011. List of features in NIS 2012 can be found below.

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connect android to tv

Want to connect your Android Phone to your TV and that too without wires then with xBounds application and associated dongle you can do so effortlessly, you will just have to connect the xBounds HDMI dongle to your TV and start the xBounds app on your Android phone for the perfect mirroring of your Android phone screen on your TV. Gaming and presentations can be easily done with xBounds on the big screen as it works over Wi-Fi. More details and video demo below.

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When we have loads of files to transfer from Android phones to Windows PC we simply connect the phone with data cable for data transfer but what if the task can be automatically?, with My Sync Center you can specify the folders on Android that will be automatically synced over Wi-Fi thereby saving lots of time.You could setup folders for photos and music, and every time when you are on Wi-Fi it will sync them all. Continue Reading →

There are lot of applications in the market that compose text by voice. But they require lot of physically taping the screen. This takes up lot of attention of the user. So if you happen to drive and use such an application while driving, definitely it becomes pretty unsafe as it is not possible to take your eyes off the road that much. Continue Reading →

In previous days we have seen elders maintain lists of work to be done on a paper and carry them around. When a task is finished, strike it off. That was the classical reminder list. Later with the introduction of electronic gadgets we now use our phones to maintain a list of works. In usual practice we write the task name and assign some priority to it and set an alarm. When it goes off we stop it. Continue Reading →

Twitter is definitely now one of the unavoidable habit of a lot of people in this world. They use it to get in touch with people they want, be it a commoner or a celebrity. Since this is the era of Android applications, to make the use of Twitter more fabulous on them we suggest using Plume. This is a far better option when it comes to default application for Twitter on the Androids. Continue Reading →

Android games and apps are already popular. Apart from playing those on you android phone, you might want to play them on your Windows in free time. Well, there is a simple way that already exist i.e using a genuine android emulator. But as we all know the android emulators already available are slow enough and android itself lags a lot on them. To avoid such situations we have Bluestacks. Continue Reading →

Now a days it is a common requirement that we want to see more and more information about the contacts we have. We want not only their information stored by us but all that is there on social media about or by that person. Continue Reading →

How would it feel if you are allowed to access all your desired applications, websites, games or even URLs by simply right clicking on desktop and launching them? It is no longer a bizarre statement but very efficiently possible by a free ware called Context Menu Editor. It is compatible with Windows 7 and Vista in both 32 and 64 bit. Continue Reading →

Sometimes when we have trouble with our systems and we do not know how to fix it, we ask a friend or someone who we know could handle that problem. Generally we are instructed by them step by step and we tell them the errors coming up and the things are solved. But there are places and certain problems that may be critical and also complex for us to follow instructions in order to properly troubleshoot them. Continue Reading →

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