Dropbox is a widely used service. It is often desired that we sync all our files with that in the Dropbox for back up or storage. But doing this is tedious and there is fair chance that the application may crash. Hence we can go for this DropSync application for android. This gives full two way sync of Dropbox as in desktop version. It is also very safe as when we want to sync, it takes us directly to the login page of the Dropbox hence application do not store the password or username. Continue Reading →

If you are addicted to hearing to online radio then JukeREC is a good option. It lets you hear to all the online stations you want. Not only you can listen to online radio but you can also record your favorite songs for offline listening at the same time. Continue Reading →

Managing contacts now a days can be a tedious job if you have a lot of people to get connected to and even worse if they are spread over a wide region and you have some of them in one list and the others in some different lists. So when you want to send some things fast, you need to transfer them in the current application that you are using. It would be very handy if all your contacts, where ever they may be can be accessed from one application. Continue Reading →

Installing apps on Android is a common task that we do every day. If we need to install only a few applications then it is ok. But if you just downloaded collection of apps with dozens of installers then its a tedious task to install each and every apk file. Perhaps a good test of patience. By default there is no way to batch install applications on Android.¬† Continue Reading →

Marvel super heroes are the ones we grow up with and still we cannot have enough of them. If you love them the same way as when you were a kid you can also carry them around in your pocket anywhere you go. The difference being you do not need to carry the paper books instead you can carry them in your Android Smart phones. Continue Reading →

Launchers on Android play a vital role in our daily phone usage. Earlier we covered launchers like Launcher 7 to get Windows phone 7 home screen and Xperia Active launcher to get new Xperia feel. If you want more and want to try out the iOS interface, Espier Launcher is just for you. Continue Reading →

Weather has a great role in your day to day life. In general before going on a long tour or at places with drastic weather changes, we research for weather conditions either from internet or from Weather forecast on Television news. Now with an active data connection on your android device, you can easily avail this information on the fly.

Lets see few applications that will help you to have weather forecasts on your Android screen. Continue Reading →

On windows or any other platforms we have Internet calling services using VoIP. The development of technology now brings¬† most of these services to our portable devices too. We can now make calls over the internet in few seconds with our data enabled smart phones. In this article we will discuss some free VoIP apps for Android. Continue Reading →

Be it windows or any platform, security of data is always a concern. The main threat in our every day online work or data transfer is the threat of Viruses. If you are an Android user and do a lot of data transfer via PC, Bluetooth, internet etc. Then antivirus is a must have application on your device. Viruses not only can steal your data but can also make your device lot slower than usual. Continue Reading →