Get Windows Phone 7 Home Screen on Android Phones with Launcher 7

6 August 2011 By Sourojit

Earlier we covered Xperia Active Launcher, an interactive launcher for any android device. But it was full of bugs which made it practically unusable for long duration, it only gave you the looks and feel of Xperia home screen. If you want something different to work with for a longer duration and are also curious about the Windows Phone 7, then try Launcher 7.

Launcher 7 brings Windows Phone 7 UI on any android device with android version 2.1 and above. With this launcher you get Windows Phone 7 home screen. It includes the popular Metro interface.

You can fully customize the home screen according to your wish. You can change color of widgets, their icons and add any application as tile widget on the home screen. Launcher 7 also provides you with separate notification bar.

You can also choose to change widget orientation automatically with phone rotation. The arrow on the home screen takes you to the application window where you can find all applications in list view. To add any application to home screen just keep that application pressed for a longer duration and create a tile.

We have tested this launcher for a week on Samsung Galaxy Ace running android 2.3.4. It is totally stable and has a very neat interface with only things we need.

Download: Launcher 7



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