Easily Change Windows 7 Logon Background: InstantLogonChanger

1 August 2011 By Sourojit

Windows 7 provides decent logon wallpaper by default. If you are a customization lover then probably you would want to get rid of the default blue dull background. Earlier we covered a manual method to Customize Windows 7 Logon UI Background. If you are uncomfortable with manual method and want some easy way around then you should try this third-party application: InstantLogonChanger, it allows you to change the logon background without any hassles.

InstantLogonChanger is an easy to use application with a single window interface. All the things you need are placed together. This application provides a handful of options to change the logon background image. With it you can directly use Windows desktop wallpaper as logon background. You can also select a wallpaper of your choice or select solid colors from within the application.

Once the wallpaper is selected and set as Logon Background, you can remove the image from its actual location without fearing to lose the background. InstantLogonChanger also gives you option to revert back to default logon background at any time.

Download: InstantLogonChanger


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