Download Boat Browser: Fast and Powerful Web Browser for Android Devices

29 August 2011 By Sourojit

If you are an Android Smartphone user and surf Internet a lot, then web browsers have a vital role to play. There are already many free web browsers available in the market that are better than the stock browser. But if you love to try something new here is Boat Browser.

Boat Browser is an efficient browser with lot of options and settings. It is smooth with Chrome style tabbing.

Features of Boat Browser

  • Support multi-tab and gallery at the same time, and multi-tab can be switched off.
  • Bookmarks manager, which supports new folder, dragging, batch delete, import, export and sync with stock browser bookmarks.
  • Most visited function in homepage and smart address bar.
  • User Agent setting.
  • Multi-touch Pinch Zoom.
  • Support creating shortcut for web page to home screen.
  • Support full screen option in menu.
  • ¬†Easy to add bookmarks.
  • Animation effects when operation.
  • Can hide Zoom in/Zoom out buttons in settings.
  • Support dominant WAP website.
  • Support Adobe Flash Player on Android 2.2 above.
  • Support download manager, App to SD and Cache to SD functions.
  • Super easy Gingerbread style copy/paste.

We have tested this browser on Samsung Galaxy ACE running on Gingerbread 2.3.4. Boat browser performed well and there were no lags or glitches during the test.

Download: Boat Browser


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