Create and Manage Sound Profiles in Android Devices

20 August 2011 By Sourojit

Managing a phone audio profile is easy. What you need to do is just make different profiles for use. Well, this thing is not the same for Android devices. The default profile manager on Android allows you to control several volumes like the system, notification, ringtone and media volumes separately. But this is a big trouble at times. Specially, when you are in places where you expect your phone to remain silent, even a small pop up of notification sound can put you in great trouble.

Audroid is a small audio manager for android devices. This is a useful utility for all android devices. It allows you to create separate sound profiles in Android phones. It is similar to creating sound profiles in previous Nokia phones but sadly Android lacks it as of now.

This utility helps you to create 6 different profiles which can be selected and applied any time easily from the home screen. You can try out the free version. But the paid version gives more benefits.

Features of Audroid Audio Manager

  • Adjust the status of 6 Audio levels independently.
  • Create and restore different Audio Profiles. [ONLY PRO].
  • Create shorcuts of your Profiles on Android Home [ONLY PRO].
  • Localization in 9 different languages.

Download: Audroid Free


Download: Audroid Paid


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