5 Free GPS Applications for Android Phones

2 August 2011 By Sourojit

GPS(Global Positioning System) is a very essential requirement when we are traveling to unknown places. It collects the coordinates of places where you are with the inbuilt sensor and then applications can use these coordinates to guide you through unknown places, you can even know about current location of family members among other things. In Android it is bundled with Google Maps that can serve at a basic level. Here are a few free android GPS apps that might prove to be productive.

Free GPS Applications for Android

GPS Essentials App for Android

GPS Essentials has many options like Dashboard, Compass, Tracks, Routes, Camera, Map, Waypoints and Satellites. It helps you to Navigate, manage waypoints, record tracks and routes.

GPS Test Android App

GPS Test shows basic GPS information read from your phones internal GPS. Hence it displays all your GPS information like available satellites in one app.

My GPS Status Free Android App

My GPS Status Free is a small app that shows latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, bearing, update time, accuracy for both GPS and wireless networks. You can also share readings with friends by email and sms.

My Tracks Android App

My Tracks is a small app that allows you to record and share your GPS tracks. It uses the GPS sensor in your phone to record the path you took. These data can be viewed later according to convenience.

Waze Android App

Waze is an interactive navigation app that has complete voice guidance and uses advanced natural text-to-speech capabilities. It allows you to keep in touch with friends, for this you have to make a free account with Waze.

My Tracks is a good app to record your route, basically it operates on Google Maps, apart from it Waze is my personal choice. So, which GPS Android App do you use the most?







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