Are you an Angry Birds fan? Well, Angry Birds is already a very popular and addictive game among many Android Smart phone users. It has been constantly updated with new episodes and series to keep players engrossed at times when they have no work. New episode added is named as Airfield Chase. Continue Reading →

If you are an Android Smartphone user and surf Internet a lot, then web browsers have a vital role to play. There are already many free web browsers available in the market that are better than the stock browser. But if you love to try something new here is Boat Browser. Continue Reading →

People owning an iPhone must be already familiar with Death Worm. It is a highly interesting and addictive game. Now this mind blowing game has been released for Android platform also. Android users can now head over to market to download this game. Continue Reading →

Editing images is fun and a necessity of all times. Specially when you can add annotations to your friend’s picture taken in some party and share them. Editing images is very easy when done on desktop or laptops. But what if you want to edit or create images while you are traveling and are away from your system. If you are an Android Smartphone user then this task is very simple and interesting with Skitch. Continue Reading →

Managing a phone audio profile is easy. What you need to do is just make different profiles for use. Well, this thing is not the same for Android devices. The default profile manager on Android allows you to control several volumes like the system, notification, ringtone and media volumes separately. But this is a big trouble at times. Specially, when you are in places where you expect your phone to remain silent, even a small pop up of notification sound can put you in great trouble. Continue Reading →


Mozilla has now released Firefox 6.0 officially with new improvements and bug fixes. The latest version Firefox 6.0 is 20% faster than previous releases of Firefox, you can also specify privacy settings on per site basis in this version, it is available for all the major platforms like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Version 6.0 of Firefox browser was available on Mozilla’s site for some time now, but that wasn’t the official release, the latest release can be downloaded from below.

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Worried about your Android device slowing down? Well, is a true fact with most of the android users specially people with low end devices. Low end Android handsets are equipped with less RAM. So, it is quite obvious for devices to slow down with more number of services and applications running in the background. These applications are only removed from memory when there is a shortage to other newly opened applications. Continue Reading →

Accidental key presses are eminent while working on Windows. Specially in cases if you have kids at home who are always after keyboard and mouse. So the problem arises when you leave your system for few minutes. One way to stop this is using the default Windows lock feature. This locks the whole active desktop and brings you to the logon screen. This method will not work automatically and you have to manually lock it every time. Another way to do this is Child Lock. Continue Reading →

For people who love to travel a lot and wish to share their experiences, Foursquare is the best android application to do so. It not only allows you to share locations you are in but also allows you to view visiting places of friends. Continue Reading →

To save battery life we generally keep Android device’s screen brightness manually at lower levels. But when outdoor we need to readjust the brightness level to maintain readability. To do this we can go to display settings and then increase or decrease the brightness. Another way to do it easily is using the power widget. The power widget makes things simpler but it does not provide full control over brightness. It allows you to increase or decrease brightness in few levels. InvisiBright is a smarter way to perform this task. Continue Reading →

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