Take Ownership of System Files from Right Click Context Menu

26 July 2011 By Sourojit

Replacing Windows system files is needed whenever we want to customize Windows according to our taste. This mostly involves applying third party themes. By default Windows will not allow you to change any of its system files. The only way to get through this restriction is to take ownership of file or files that we want to change. Doing this manually is a tiresome task for a basic user. So to make the task easier there are many applications. Earlier we had covered Glass Ownership which allowed users to drag and drop files in it to take ownership of that file.

RightClick ReplaceThis is a similar tool that provides some extended functionality. It is a portable application and integrates itself with right click context menu. It provides options like replace this and replace with. Using these options after selecting a system file opens a window in which either you can browse a file or simply drag and drop the file into the window to replace with.

RightClick ReplaceThis is easy to use. The salient feature of this application is that backups the original system file that is replaced. If any file is being used by the system, it provides option to replace the file at system startup.

Download: RightClick ReplaceThis



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