Square Enix Will Release Final Fantasy XIII-2 in January 2012 [Official]

21 July 2011 By Varun

Final Fantasy is one of the most popular RPG titles available for various platforms, starting from mobile devices to PC, and consoles. The series is rocking gaming industry since December 1987. Now the next installment of the series, that is, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is under development, and according to a recent tweet from Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will make its debut on January 2012.



Previous title of the series was not received well by the critics. As a result this upcoming game will run on a newer and better game engine. Apart from visuals, gameplay will also undergo some changes which are not known at the moment. One thing disclosed by Square Enix is that the game will be player driven and not story driven. It is also supposed to feature a good number of real-time scenes. Square Enix is looking to provide a good amount of play-time with around 40 hours of gameplay and many mini-games to keep player engaged.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Release Date

While the game will be released in January 2012 in North America, Japan will get its hands on it on December this year. Unfortunately there is still no news about the European release of the game.

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