Optimize and Speed Up Windows with SlimComputer

19 July 2011 By Sourojit

When a Windows system is used for prolonged time, it tends to get slower and slower. This problem has a simple solution and it is maintaining your system from time to time. For a beginner or a home user system maintenance may appear to be tough when done manually. To make the process easy there are many small tools present but on other hand using too many applications becomes complicated itself. In this scenario we need a complete package tool to perform multiple optimization tasks that would speed up your Windows PC. SlimComputer serves this purpose well.

SlimComputer is a freeware application for all version of windows. It is an interactive system maintenance package and is easy to use with simple menus. It allows you to run a automated system scan to find unwanted applications installed on system, toolbars, start up items and shortcuts.

It also allows to restore removed items. There is a handy uninstaller to remove unused applications from system. SlimComputer provides startup item management with cloud antivirus scanning. Windows services can also be altered easily. The best thing is use of community based input which will allow you to view opinion of other users about any particular process or application. To avail the facility you have to register a free account.

SlimComputer also integrates all windows tools at one place. This makes it easier and faster for everyone to alter windows settings. Overall it is a handy and effective free application to maintain your system easily.

Download: SlimComputer


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