How to Group and Organize Pinned Applications on Taskbar

28 July 2011 By Sourojit

Most of us like to access our frequently used applications and items with some shortcut. Creating them on the desktop was the easiest way long back. But then in order to have clean desktop the upcoming Windows versions like XP and Vista gave us the quick launch options. It was fine until Windows 7 came up. This had yet better option, the pinning of items on the taskbar. This is very useful as it gives us a way to launch them without much hassle.

But for some users after a while it was seen that the number of items pinned on this taskbar was immense and that it resulted in utter mess when you have to find a particular one application immediately. If you want to keep pinned applications on taskbar organized then Bins is of great help.

Setting up Bins

If you now want to go through the settings of Bins, it resides in the system tray. There are two tabs taskbar tweaks and extras.

In taskbar tweaks we have options to show indicator items, taskbar items circle through open window and some options of AeroPeek. These can be enabled or disabled by checking or not checking the boxes.

Under extras we see that if we want to disable Bins any time we can do it by clicking on the disable Bin button. And if you again want to restart it click on the Undo button.

Working with Bins

As to what it can do, principally it groups together multiple pinned items under one tab so as to make more space on the taskbar. To start with let us say we have download managers like Orbit, IDM and torrent applications pinned in the taskbar.

Choose orbit and drag it over torrent. You will see that they have come under a single pinned tab. You can then add other applications in the same way. This helps you to cluster all the related items in the taskbar under one pinned item. It is not compulsory that only related items can be grouped together, grouping totally depends on your wish and selection of items.

Download: Bins


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