How to Extract Files from Damaged Zip archives

17 July 2011 By Sourojit

Zip archives are commonly in use while downloading images and documents from internet. At times it is noticed that the downloaded zip files gets corrupted. This can happen due to incomplete download which windows shows as complete or the source zip file is corrupt itself. These zip files cannot be extracted using any application such as WinRAR. Hence we lose significant amount of time and bandwidth after these files. The only way to work around this problem is to extract the undamaged files from the damaged zip archive. For this purpose Zip2Fix is a handy tool.

Zip2Fix is a small portable freeware application for all version of windows. It is easy to use with simple minimalistic user interface. Only thing that you have to do is point damaged or corrupted zip files to the application. Zip2Fix supports zip and sfx zip files.

Once you have selected the zip file, the tool can extract undamaged files from the damaged zip archive. This is done by placing the undamaged files in a new zip file in the same folder as that of the original file. Zip2Fix is very efficient and handy in its task. It is of extremely small size and it’s portability extends its usage scenario.

Download: Zip2Fix



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