How To Easily Change Windows 7 Startup Sound

22 July 2011 By Sourojit

Most of us love Customizing things according to our needs. This applies to all areas of work wherever possible. In windows from Windows 98 to Windows 7, customization lovers must have tried out almost all applications and transformations that make windows look something different and special. Still if you are bored with the default Windows 7 startup sound, changing it will be an interesting thing to do. Changing windows notification sounds is a very easy task that can be done from the sound option in windows control panel. But replacing the startup sound is not easy task without messing with windows internal settings.

Startup Sound Changer is a portable application for Windows 7. It is a simple tool to replace Windows 7 startup sound with any sound of your desire. Only restriction with Startup Sound Changer is that it allows selection of .wav music files only. So before using this application you must have a handful of wav files to try with.

If you wish you can also listen to the currently applied startup sound or revert back to the default sound. It is a very handy and effective application and a must have for all Windows 7 customization lovers.

Download: Startup sound Changer


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